More midi commands per scene

I guess priority is in the eye of the beholder (and the vote totals on feature requests). Not being a big user of MIDI to me the priorities are:

  • First and foremost an editor; preferably with local backups

  • Adding either auto-sensing for mono or a software switch to enable it

  • Fix the serial routing so that row 1 can be routed to row 2 and row 3 to 4 without necessitating use of a splitter. Also fix the split operation so it stops stranding a block on row 1 & 3.

  • Improved global volume block with expression pedal implementation (looks like that may be coming soon)

  • Additional non-capture amp blocks

  • Additional effects

  • Momentary foot switching

  • Increasing the brightness/contrast for bypassed blocks, I can barely make them out unless the QC is angled just right

  • Shorter boot/startup time

  • Always an emphasis on stability. Don’t want to have to worry about my QC crapping out or rebooting during a performance.


There are actually multiple MIDI feature requests. If they were all rolled into one the vote count would be higher. This is one of the limitations of this forum.

I would put MIDI implementation as #1, even before an editor.

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Yep, there are plenty of votes out there for enhancing MIDI capability and I hope they get to it. MIDI is definitely a priority for many players, was not trying to leave the impression that it doesn’t deserve more attention. Just doesn’t happen to be my priority …yet.

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This should definitely be implemented. Let’s hope that update with editor still address that.

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Another bump for this one. Only just started looking into controlling other devices with midi and my plans have failed straight away.

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I’ve been hoping for this for 2 years, so have given up that it’s something Neural cares about. I think they imagine us having the QC as the only device we use, and wanting to play at home next to a computer more than out in the real world with it on a pedalboard.

If you’re listening, here’s one take on why this feature is so obviously missing to many of us. The QC has 2 FX loops and 11 footswitches. Why on earth wouldn’t you want to put pedals in those loops and use the QC as the controller? Why should you have to add another dedicated controller to do this? And why can’t it send MIDI clock?

This kind of shocked me when I first bought the device. It clearly has its value as a modeler and such, and I’ve resorted to other ways to integrate it, but it’s really a shame it can’t serve this function which it could so naturally do.

I’m not going to have any use for the desktop editor they’re working on, but I’m clearly not the target market here


Hey Steve, well put! I’ve been posting about the lack of midi control since last October. I too use the QC for live shows and have the “scene to stomp” switch hack working just fine but this would ALL be SO much easier if Neural would have thought this whole thing through before releasing it. Turning a block on/off via midi isn’t brain surgery and exists on almost EVERY other multi-effects device. I’m hoping that at some point in the not too distant future we’ll see midi block control, I’ve been seeing quite a few requests for it. It would also be nice to have multi-function switch capability (tap & tap hold). THEN it will live up to all the hype!:+1:t2:


I agree. If we count these threads, the vote count would (currently) be 319:

Ignoring the problem of possible double-counting, it does show that the demand is high for Neural DSP to improve MIDI.

Edit: Included an additional link.


I’d add these 111 votes as well. MIDI beat clock is another standard feature of a full MIDI implementation they’ve overlooked:

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I updated my list and vote count. Feel free to keep them coming.

Commenting to hopefully bring some visibility. After hours of trying to send midi messages only to realize you can’t do that when midi through it on (which is ridiculous in itself) I found that you can only send ONE command per scene… ONE.

This is truly laughable, and Neural must think it’s a joke too seeing as how they haven’t done Jack

Hopefully we can get more commands someday, because midi is basically useless, as is

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It’s stunning they won’t address this stuff. I think they believe we should all be using the QC with no other pedals.


I want to jump in here - I am a mod and help out here and on discord for Neural, but I am NOT an employee. I am, however a big advocate for better MIDI control and lucky enough to be engaged as a QC beta tester. What I can say is that I’ve presented many of the issues here multiple times and the team at Neural has been very open and accepting of the feedback. I was asked to collate the data (at the time, some things have been added since I did this - but I continue to give feedback) and present it to the team there - this came from “on high” at Neural so I want to reiterate that people there ARE listening.

I assembled and presented the linked deck to the team (again things have evolved since this was done so if something is missing understand that this was a while ago, and the new items have been presented in a more informal manner) and got good feedback. There was no time commitment, but I was told MIDI feature enhancements are coming and that many of the requested features in that deck were already being considered.

Waiting can be hard/annoying, but I want to be really clear that the wait isn’t because Neural doesn’t listen or isn’t aware - they are VERY aware and I work to remind them - to a fault perhaps :smiley: But things take time. I was happy to see the changes to explicit toggles for a few items in 2.1 and I hope we’ll get many more MIDI upgrades before the 2.x series of releases is done (hopefully before end of year) but we shall see. Here’s to hoping.

Here is the deck I assembled for Neural: QC MIDI Feature Requests - Google Slides


Thank you for your ongoing contributions to MIDI implementation on the QC! And also, for sharing the feedback from Neural. Hopefully it will be reassuring to users who are waiting for expanded MIDI functionality. You’re right, it will take time to develop but it appears to be in the queue.


Hey Rex, thanks for posting this. It looks as though you’ve covered the requests and it’s nice to hear that this information is in front if the powers that be!

Thanks for trying!

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Great feature pitch deck, and I’m in need of many of these features as well. Thanks for putting the time in to be so thorough and detailed!


I’m happy for Mateo Asato for getting a plugin released today. However, I do have to admit I’m really waiting for ‘Archetype: More MIDI Commands’ to be released.

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You’re saying 1 is not enough?

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Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see allowing Midi Thru and Midi Out messages simultaneously in the Midi Feature pitch deck ——

• I use MC6 into QC to control preset/scene/stomp and gig modes as well as looper
• and use the one CC message allowed per scene change to send a CC to an ML5 to turn on and off analog pedals pre-QC

Use case: Use Morningstar MC6 to send messages to both QC and sometimes other Midi pedals downstream of QC (ie an MC6 switch to change modes in a midi pedal in the loop)

This only works if Midi Thru is OFF, which renders the MC6 unable to send messages downstream of the QC to midi pedals in the loop (to change settings or programs), and if I turn ON Midi thru, QC inexplicably stops sending any midi out with preset and scene changes.

If I split the midi from the MC6 ahead of the QC and rest of midi chain, I lose preset/scene midi out messages from QC.

And I have no real options for controlling the midi pedals in the loop from within QC directly, especially with only one midi message per scene, and volume drops between presets.

This absolutely stops me in my tracks after I moved my whole rig to a QC. Really sad this is not a priority for Neural. I don’t understand. If anyone can point me to specific threads I can vote on for this problem, I’d be grateful.