Enable full MIDI Control of all Control Modes

With the addition of Hybrid mode in 2.0, and the ability to customize which control modes are available. We need to have full MIDI control over mode switching. This amounts to two requests really…

First, every mode and all variations needs to have a dedicated, unchanging(!), CC value. Currently if you remove or reorder available modes what used to be CC47 value 0 (preset mode) could now select Stomp or Scene mode, this means potentially reprogramming controllers, or worse ALL automation for a studio or live set automation use case ANY TIME you alter your modes. This provides a less than ideal user experience.

So… how should it work…

Build the mode CC value list out and have fixed values for all variations(including scene/stomp and stomp/scene - meaning scenes on top stomp on bottom, and stomp on top scenes on bottom, etc. for ALL variations):
0 - preset
1 - Scene
2 - Stomp
3 - Hybrid - Stomp/Scene
4 - Hybrid - Stomp/Preset
5 - Hybrid- Scene/Stomp
6 - Hybrid - Scene/Preset
7 - Hybrid… etc.

it’s important that these are fixed and reliable for backward and forward programming compatibility. More values can be added in the future as needed but they are ADDED, the behavior of a given CC value should not change.

Now that we have this list, we need a device setting option just like the scene bypass options, but for mode selection - where we can select that MIDI mode changes override anything else (or that the current device settings cannot be overridden).

Now we can switch to MIDI override and be able to select ANY mode available on any preset at any time.

The current implementation causes real headaches with the variability of what CC values 0-2 can represent, but it also limits the overall control scheme of the device, and hence it’s potential.

Regardless of mode setup via the menu.

This… ALL of this… The unit feels like its cutoff at the knees with the inability to use midi to this extent. I have more midi control and editing flexibility on Boss and Line 6 gear than with the Quad. Yes please! Open up the unit! More midi control access and more QC hardware control! Change LED color. Change Labels of anything anywhere. Etc.

Neural team please just go buy a Helix floor and figure out all of the things that it can do and then make the QC able to do those things. ( i keed i keed… but seriously… )


Yes, more MIDI capabilities would be appreciated. The ability to use MIDI to to turn blocks off and on while in Scene or Preset modes would be very helpful. Also, being able to add more expression pedals via a MIDI controller with expression inputs would be great.

Another option would be a dedicated control expander like the Fractal FC6 or FC12.


I’ll second this!

MIDI control over all FX parameters or select “knobs” (more than 2) would help. Maybe 16 across effects? And being able to see those labels then.

was there any update with QC 2.1?

There was this…
MIDI messages that control feature visibility have been changed from a toggle to activating a specific state.

The old configuration worked as follows:

  • CC# 45 Value 0-127 Tuner On/Off
  • CC# 46 Value 0-127 Open/Close Gig View
  • CC# 48 Value 64-127 Open / Close Looper UI

The new configuration works as follows:

  • CC# 45 Value 0-63 Tuner Off
  • CC# 45 Value 64-127 Tuner On
  • CC# 46 Value 0-63 Gig View Off
  • CC# 46 Value 64-127 Gig View On
  • CC# 48 Value 0-63 Looper UI Off
  • CC# 48 Value 64-127 Looper UI On

To me, this could mean they are working on more midi implementation. Setting the stage, so to speak, in preparation for a more proper setup for control?

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If you look at all the “midi” requests, (I have made quite a few myself!) it’s obvious that much more midi control is needed. I have been suggesting things that might be easy as they are just expanding the existing code ie “virtual foot switches” (I-Z) that could be controlled like the A-H buttons. It might require A cc + value instead of individual cc for each footswitch , but it would certainly go along way toward expanding the control capabilities.

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