More MIDI OUT options for each SCENE

I know we’re currently able to send 12 MIDI Out messages per PRESET, but for my desired workflow, this won’t work. I will operate almost exclusively in SCENE mode and I’d like to control the MIDI on multiple hardware pedals at once when I change scenes.

I currently have a RJM PBC6X to control my main pedalboard and I’m able to change my delay, reverb, and modulation effects for every “Preset” (which, in the QC world, we’d obviously call a “Scene”). If I could do this in the Quad Cortex, my life would be oh so happy!

I think this might have already been requested somewhere - it may get merged at some point but it’s a needed feature.

As a workaround, how about having the QC send a preset change message to the mastermind - and then everything flows from there to all your other devices - at least for now

Yeah I tried to search for the request. If it’s already there I’ll vote it up. Just couldn’t find it. But I’ll just wait for the implementation before I try to control my RJM with the QC…though not a bad idea.

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