More midi commands per scene

MIDI on the QC is absolutely WORTHLESS. It’s honestly so bad, I think they did it on purpose in hopes that it pushes people to use the QC for all their effects

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It’s unfortunate that we still have no movement on this. This black Friday I voted with my wallet and will be making no further purchases from NDSP until this is resolved despite being very tempted by the sale.

This should have been available at launch. It’s basic functionality that has been in every competing product since the before even the Line 6 POD X3 Live. This puts the QC 20 years behind it’s competitors with midi implementation.

20 Years…


Hybrid mode got 156 votes, colored neural captures 144 votes, gain reduction meter on compression modules 156 votes…
This only has 114 votes in one thread (although it’s >300 collectively if you add MIDI requests together). This thread is constantly at the top of the sub-forum from being commented on, but I think we’re going to need some more votes if we’re going to communicate the importance of more MIDI features.

All neural has to do is see what any of their competitors have available for midi. Feels insane to have to request basic midi functions that every modeler has had for years before QC was even announced.


The fact that this request is not being at least looked into is nonsense. This stops me from using other gear that absolutely can’t be replaced with QC effects. I have no fuss why this is not the next thing on the list to do for the team.

If you haven’t read the whole thread, it might be worth going back through it-
as RR has confirmed NDSP acknowledged they are working on this

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I would also add MIDI through to be extended to USB so we could connect a MIDI controller via DIN and get MIDI to Laptops or tablets.

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We NEED full, on/off midi device control. If you can’t give us individual device control give us block position control, if not that how aboutjj just individual switch control?? HOW LONG ARE WE EXPECTED TO WAIT FOR SOMETHING EVERY OTHER MULTI-EFFECTS DEVICE ON THE PLANT HAS?? I was REALLY HOPING we would have heard or seen SOMETHING about this by now. It’s honestly got me wondering how much longer I’m going to continue using the QC. I LOVE my QC but C’MON!!! This is getting ridiculous!!


Perhaps you should start a separate request for this! I have a USB hub in the pedalboard I’m building, and it would be good to take advantage of this, especially since it’s also using the Quad Cortex as an audio interface, to be able to control it by MIDI via USB.

:joy:, I actually made one but no votes so far :sweat_smile:
Feel free to give it a vote, here it is

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Worst part is that already have midi options, they just chose to make them as limited as possible

Yeah, I hear ya’. All the midi requests have been around for a while…a couple of years! I can’t imagine why they would be holding back on implementing this. I understand it may be complicated but this is REALLY holding back the QC’s flexibility.

I am still quite shocked that I can’t assign individual blocks to CC commands like any other Multi-FX can do. Severely limits the live capabilities for me.

I’m new to QC, and I just realized I can’t use it with my Strymons because there’s not enough Midi commands per scene.
I guess I’ll have to go back to HX Stomp.
Total bummer.

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created an account just to reiterate the ask for multiple CC messages per preset / stomp / whatever. i was very surprised when i got it over a year ago and discovered i could only send one midi CC message per scene. i’ve been trying to work around that bottleneck ever since. midi clock out is great and i’m glad we finally got that! i just need multiple CC messages and then i’ll finally have the full functionality i was hoping for.

In addition to more midi commands per scene, it would be great if there were also midi commands per stomp so in stomp mode I could use the foot switches to enable/disable outboard effects, for example, and in scene mode I could use those same foot switches to send different commands to change presets on outboard effects, and in preset mode it would work the same as it does now.

Absolutely!!! I can’t stand that midi commands are assigned to the footswitch and not assigned to scenes and/or stomps. I live in scenes the majority of the time but do like to engage a stomp from time to time but I can’t because the stomp will send whatever midi command that is assigned to that switch.