More MIDI control

OK, this really needs to be fixed. The idea of having midi controls assigned ONLY to the switches is ridiculous and frustrating. It keeps this beautiful sounding device completely locked away from expansion. In reality it turns the “Most powerful floor modeler on the planet” into “Just another limited (yet expensive) 8-device/settings” processor. IF you can’t give us on/off (i.e. 0=off, 1 or higher = on) control for each device then assign on/off to the grid numbers and give us the ability to make the Quad Core show off it’s REAL capabilities!

there are several requests already to expand midi input controls. But I 100% agree that there should be a midi Grid option so that every block can at least be on/off from a midi signal. It is one of the most disappointing missing features for me too.

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This is the exact reason I wasn’t able to work with the QC and had to go back to Fractal gear; I need EVERYTHING in the unit to be controllable via fully assignable/customizable MIDI commands. I send MIDI via Bluetooth from my iPad running OnSong, so when i change a song, it sends the next preset, scene, adjusts block on/off state, adjusts parameters… Not to mention looper controls and other utilities.

It just wasn’t meant to be at that time (last May), but I do hope they implement at least as good of a MIDI suite as FAS has; then it would be a viable option to revisit for gigging, since the FM3, while fantastic, is just not as powerful as I’d like it to be - but the QC has power in spades. Plus, if they allowed MIDI control via Bluetooth without needing an additional dongle, that’d be amazing!


Thank you both for posting. I sincerely hope this topic gains some momentum…it REALLY DOES need to be addressed!


I agree on the midi options being limited, but will note that I just set up using a Morningstar MC8 along with the QC. I have the MC8 switching Scenes (amps in my case) and the QC set for stomp mode changing stomps on and off. The stomps are then global and when I change amps they maintain their state. I have 8 amps along with 8 effects. The MC8 changes the amps and the QC changes the state of the stomp (on or off) as well as tap tempo, etc. One preset and a pretty small footprint. Before doing this I was frustrated with trying to make everything work. Now, issues are gone. Would like to edit the data in the stomps on the Gig view but everything is working as I would like it.

Hi and thanks for your reply. Yes, using the Morningstar MC8 IS a great solution, I have one and it’s a GREAT box…unfortunately we each spent $400+ in addition to the cost of the QC to GET that flexibility. A device costing what the QC does SHOULD ALREADY HAVE this kind of midi functionality included. Its price-point is around the same as the FM9 which in regards to functionality, basically kicks the QC’s butt. I DO love my QC. I love the “feel” it has so for me it’s the constant battle of “feel” or functionality.
Onward and Upward (I HOPE!):stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Agreed. And able to turn multiple blocks on and off. I can get my dual delays by doing this. I would even settle for allowing all those things to also be driven by midi as you noted, but for now at least this was a big move forward for me in usage.

This is easily the most disappointing thing about the QC. I should be able to use midi to map and adjust all the parameters. It is genuinely baffling that i can use midi to change barely anything at all.

Hi, didn’t came for a long time, are there any improvements considering the age of this post ?

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Hi Pixelman, unfortunately I haven’t seen any updates in the midi department. I know they’re busy working on the hybrid thing along with a desktop editor so MAYBE we’ll see FULL midi control in one of those updates. I’m crossing my fingers!!!