On/off of effect blocks individually using (external) MIDI CC

As I understand the current MIDI implementation, it is only possible to “remote control” the switches A-H using MIDI CCs and perform the corresponding actions depending on the active mode (preset, scenes…). While this is neat as such, I would like to be able to play in preset or scenes mode and switch separate effects/blocks on/off individually using an external MIDI controller. Could you please make it possible to assign a CC to each block for external (de)activation while playing?

I agree this would be quite powerful and useful, and I’d go further to define a superset of general block parameters - volume, mix, pan, gain, etc, and allow those to be toggled/mapped as you can via expression pedal

It would be nice if it was possible to use a midi controller to extend the number of buttons.

In my use case, I would like to give control to a second guitarist…for exemple, give him the ability to control (activate/deactivate) 8 blocs without interfering with mine…a sort of extension of the A to H buttons.

But more options will by welcome!

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I was thinking this week that having a Midi CC for each Block position would be awesome. So that once I program the map between my controller and the QC, no matter what I do the same button will control the bypass for any block in that position.

For example: Preset 1 has a gate in the first position of the first row. I map that position to midi CC 1
I build a new preset and it has a compressor in first position first row. my mapped midi will now control the compressor.

That would be 32 CCs.

Same could be done with parameters. CC 33 could be mapped to 1st control of 1st position of 1st row.

Same could be done for mapping control of splitter/mixer.