External Midi Controlling Unassigned Blocks

I’m sure it’s been requested before but, I didn’t find it. I don’t use scenes because of personal preference. I very much prefer treating my QC like real a real pedalboard, meaning each effect has a way to engage/disengage via foot switch. As it stands, I can’t use an external controller to do so for blocks not already assigned to QC foot switches. That’s quite frustrating as I use a few more than 8 effects.

If this is already possible, PLEASE somebody make me look like a fool and show me how! If not, please consider the request is submitted.

Yes, there are already a number of requests for more in-depth MIDI capability. That’s something I miss from my old Fractal AX8. I used to keep the AX8 in preset mode and use a MIDI controller to turn blocks off and on. Having to tap-dance the QC while playing and singing has been challenging.


Do you know if this has been rectified yet? Can you switch blocks with a midi footswitch?