Trying to control Strymon pedals via midi.. but it won’t work

I know how midi works. I use to control my whole pedal board with a midi switcher, but I cannot for the life of me get the QC to send one simple CC to my Timeline. I literally cannot even engage/disengage it.

Can someone please help. Like most things with the QC, the instructions are worthless. Literally nothing is happening and it is driving me insane.

Also… if I ever do get this to work: can I even send more than one message for each scene? Or is it just one message per scene… that would really really suck if that’s the case

Update… got it to work ONLY if I turn MIDI Thru OFF…. How do I get around that? I need it to be ON

It’s one CC message per scene for now. Major gripe for MIDI users, there are other threads on this topic.

EDIT: Vote here if you haven’t already.

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NDSP inexplicably disables the ability to send MIDI from the QC when Thru is on. I had the same issue, and have confirmed with them that this is what it does. It’s wrong, not how MIDI is supposed to be implemented, a clear mistake in their design. Sure, vote for the features (I have) but I’ve known about this one for 2 years, so don’t expect it’s on their list.

You may also find that you can’t send more than 1 command per button, a death knell for using the QC as a controller for multiple pedals. This is also a feature request. Also not being addressed.

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