Ability to set Switch Midi output setting per Mode and Send Multiple Messages from single switch push

when in Preset mode, I want to send PC messages from QC switches - such as setting the preset on an external device

When in Scene mode, I want to send different messages - maybe change the value of a parameter on an external device.

When in Stomp mode, I want to send different messages - treating external devices as stomp boxes

In each mode, I want to be able to send messages to multiple devices. PCs for Presets, multiple parameters in Scenes, Multiple on/off signals in stomp

The AxeFx3 Has a MIDI controller block similar to the one you are describing, it can send MIDI messages to other devices, it is super cool. Would love to see this for the Quad.

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Came here to ask for separate MIDI commands between Stomp & Scene Mode too. Incidentally, I don’t think your request for Preset mode makes sense considering the footswitches already intentionally change the Preset on the Quad Cortex itself when in that mode. I.e. it would be strange to fire commands on behalf of a preset you have just commanded the QC to move away from.

It would be a big improvement if we could configure a footswitch MIDI command to only fire in a certain mode. The way it works right now is really awkward because the footswitch always has a totally different function between Stomp & Scene mode. I typically wouldn’t ever want the same command firing for both modes like it does now.

I tried just not assigning any blocks to the MIDI-enabled switch to avoid issues, but sometimes I still get lost when I don’t realize I’m in Stomp mode and I’m not already on a Scene that is set up to match the remote device’s preset that called for in the MIDI assigned to that switch. I basically only want the MIDI command to fire in Scene mode right now (although I can certainly think of some cases where I’d want a different conmmand to fire on the same switch in Stomp mode).

Definitely want to be able to set more commands to a switch as well. They’ve already got a UI for doing that for the Preset Load so why not the switches too?

PC messeages are midi channel specific, so sending a PC out of QC on a different channel makes perfect sense to change presets on other devices.

That is a given. The question is why you’d want to associate a remote PC message to a local preset to fire only as you are in the process of leaving it? That is essentially an “On Exit” event. You can already accomplish the exact same result by putting that same PC message in the Preset Load section of the destination preset associated to that switch.

The key point is that while in Preset mode, the footswitches trigger other Quad Cortex presets to load and we already have a more robust load event we can utilize to obtain the exact same result.

I have no idea why you keep saying “as you’re leaving a preset.” I didn’t state that at all. I simply want to treat external midi devices with the same core concept as each mode. In preset mode my need is:

  • press foot switch
  • changes QC preset
  • sends midi out my programmed PC out messages

In Scene mode I want to send more than just PC out messages. I may want to send cc messages, even note on/off messages

In Stomp mode, I may need to send pc, cc, note on/off

As I said, why not just go to the preset that is under that footswitch and add your PC to the load messages? That yields the exact same result and you can already do it now. What you asked for doesn’t add anything.

PS: I keep saying that because that’s exactly what happens when you press a footswitch in Preset mode so it’s implicit. The MIDI commands do not prevent the normal footswitch functions in any mode.

I understand…you are thinking that I am asking for something different for preset mode than exists…I am not asking for a change for preset behavior, just confirming that I want that plus a similar ability in scene and stomp modes.

SoooOOoooo…. I don’t have unit yet. Can the QC send MIDI messages at all?

I want the same thing; when I press a foot switch; I want it to send a message. Can it do this?

HI guys , I like to know the same thing! can it send PC messages on the preset mode.

i have a Strymon time delay and it does not Respond on pc changes on the QC?
only in scene mode or preset mode .only went im going to preset mode again and there go back to scene mode all data is lost.