… suddenly I feel bad for everyone waiting. :frowning:

2/28 order. They’re “hoping” to have everything by mid to late July.

Hm, they had told me by the end of June. I emailed my rep to see if they have any updates, but I really hope it’s not as far out as July. Getting mirages of this thing floating by.

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So I ordered on May 11th. They originally told me 6-8 weeks. I’m just going to assume that’s complete BS and I’ll probably get it by Christmas if I’m lucky. At least my QC branded carrying bag shipped today though haha.

Pat from sweet water told me today that he hopes mine will be shipping out in the next week or two. My order was 2/8.

Yeah, they responded to me saying they’re expecting 2 shipments by the end of June and they hope to be able to get mine out in one of those, providing there are no shipping delays. I’m 2/15, so I’d probably guess you and I are in a similar boat - literally. Well, it’s probably a plane, let’s face it.

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Got on the phone with SW today and was notified realistically to not even expect my order until after the fall and maybe until the winter. Ordered mid May 2021 before the price hike but at this point who knows if the wait will grow or be expedited.

It’s tough man. At least by that point the software should be a few revisions ahead and there will be even more to rave about.

I know there’s a shortage of everything across the board, from circuit chips to wood chips at the minute. I do feel/hope that Sweetwater is trying to err on the side of under promise, over deliver. I’m hoping you get yours sooner than expected!

You can always order via Andertons in UK, with shipping it works out to be approximately $30 USD more than SW and as of two weeks ago they had unreserved units available on their next shipment.

I’m in the same window as you. We can only hope new orders have died down after the initial push at the end of last year and early this year.

Chatted with SW sales today and which they indicated they are supposed to be receiving two shipments between now and EOM. I ordered early March and should expect to see my unit before EOM. Fingers crossed.

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Hope you’re right. I ordered March 17th. Getting closer!


The sales rep took some time to look at the invoices so I felt confident that what he was telling me was accurate. Evidently, they don’t have an easy means to tell you what number you are in line. It’s up to NDSP to make those shipments happen otherwise its out of SW’s hands :slight_smile: Good luck!

Yeah my rep gave me an estimate but I think he was being really conservative. Based on track other SW customers who have received theirs and date of order I have been guessing. My estimate for me was around July to August. I don’t know if is a flat amount of people that ordered in later of the preorders or it increased.

I ordered Feb 8 and mine hasn’t shipped yet so unless they get a few hundred in the next few weeks I don’t see March getting theirs in June.

Heads up I order on 2/2 and I just got a call saying mine is on its way so watch the phones and inboxes February orders!

Feb 3 order here and got a call as well saying mine is ready to ship. I hope more of you are getting good news today!

Seems to be about a 4 month wait then. I ordered mid May, so I guess I can hope for a September timeframe.

I struggled for a couple of weeks getting a tone I like for soloing also. I found by altering different cabinets and sometimes adding two different sounding cabs I could get a lot closer to what I wanted. Try different Pedals, Amps and especially cabinets. I’m not 100% there but I’m a lot closer than I was and the unit is now more than gig ready. Good Luck.

Ordered min 2/26. Hope it gets here BEFORE 7/04 weekend.