Any Idea when QC arrive at Sweetwater? I'd order on octuber 2020

Any Idea when QC arrive at Sweetwater? I’d order on octuber 2020.


They say Mid-April now, but that target has moved since February. With people now showing up on Youtube with their ordered units it may be closer to reality. I don’t know why they don’t have tracking numbers to see? Everything else operates that way and is able to be followed. If they shipped they have a tracking number and a tentative delivery date. Until logic sets in … Mid-April


I think in the QC FAQ they state that units will be shipped to dealers after Tiers 1 and 2 are completed.

“If you pre-ordered from a dealer, you are not in a pre-order tier, and you will receive your Quad Cortex when your dealer has received their allocation of units, shortly after we have sent payment requests to all of our direct pre-order customers.”

So looks like it’s still a number of weeks out. I’m in the same boat, ordered from Sweetwater, patiently waiting!


Thomann shows now between 2-3 weeks.

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Thanks for the info

I hope they dont move the date to may. Thanks.

Does anyone know if Sweetwater will be shipping in batches depending on order date? I ordered on March 6, 2021. Will I be in the first batch?

I highly doubt March 6th will make their first batch. And it will most likely take them a couple weeks to get all of the first batch out (I am basing this on when Helix was released but they did build a huge new building and improved shipping so it might be a little quicker). Originally the middle of January was told they would be in batch one but the orders at the end of the month of January were told it depended on how many they actually get in the first batch. Apparently they sold all the initial order by that point though there has been varying stories. I was a middle of January order and told they had enough coming at that point. I have already been charged for my case and it says waiting shipment so apparently cases already arrived.


I would not count on it before May. They said they are probably starting to fulfill not next week, but the following. They have a ton to test and pack. They are shipping air express and I believe Doug said ships time air express can be up to a week. That puts you into the end if the month and Sweetwater still has to pack, label and ship which can take awhile. Best case middle of January make their first batch based in emails I have gotten. When I got my case I was told that sometime in April is not out the question but May is more realistic.

I ordered about the same time, as of today 4/14/2021 etc., my rep indicated SW will be receiving shipments in the next two weeks which should cover pre-orders from October-December. NDSP has promised regular shipments afterwards but unfortunately in smaller than initially anticipated batches. Target date is hopefully before summer at the earliest (mid June) but they have no idea at this point. Take that with a grain of salt as its just what my rep indicated to me this morning.

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I ordered mine in November. I call them once a month asking about when QC will arrive. The answer is always “next month”. I’ll go back to my country around mid-June, hope I can get mine before that LOL. I am very glad that the official forum allows these “when” topics. The QC Facebook group is kind of toxic with those “when”.

I emailed my sales engineer yesterday to see if there was an update; and there was! However, it wasn’t good news…

“Neural DSP just got back with us and informed us they will not be able to ship these in large shipments like they were hoping. We will finally be getting shipments starting next week, but I don’t have a clear ETA for when we will have yours in (I ordered Feb 15th). My guess is sometime next month, but I will keep an eye on this and let you know when I have an ETA!”

A bit disappointed after being told it would be in mid-April. I understand the issues with suppliers and manufacturing in the pandemic-affected world, but I really hope Sweetwater is doing the ole’ ‘under-promise-over-deliver’ trick!

I emailed my SW engineer yesterday as well. He said their were two larger batches coming in (next week, another week after), and that should cover my pre-order from early January. Fingers crossed.

Everybody’s Rep seems to say something different. I think they are just tired of all the calls and emails at this point.

I spoke to a rep Mon and she said they were coming in and in their allotment my Feb order would ship this week. My rep just called and said there shipment is arriving “next” week but is significantly less than they expected and my order would not ship with the first batch and would probably be 6 weeks later… Which in Neural time could mean 2 or 3 months? I cancelled… As I explained to my rep I sell a product, presently our lead-times are 3x normal. I explain that to customers prior to order and if there is a delay I let them know immediately. Assuming my reps version is correct, I can’t see how Neural didn’t alert Sweetwater prior to 4/14 that they were going to miss delivery and delivery significantly less than promised. My confidence in the co. and their constantly moving the goal posts has lead me to the sidelines to take a wait and see approach. I am very hopeful that this product is all that it seems to be and they update it to make it all it can be, however for now I am content to play with other toys…

Could you, please, spell October correctly?
It’s annoying to read that misspelled title each time. Thanks!

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seems like 500 are coming in to SW soon. outside that number might be a while longer.

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Exactly. I too was initially a batch one (Mid January) order. I was told yesterday that I was moved to batch 3 maybe the end of May which means maybe mid June with what has been the current operating process. I took a chance and bought an unopened one off of someone who was being reasonable with pricing and not trying to get inflated prices. If I am not completely thrilled it may go back up for sale as I am losing a bit of confidence as well.

Thats interesting I don’t have to pay till it ships. Unless I wanted to keep what ever Promo(# of Months finance deal) When it ships I would have to take whatever promo is offered at the time.

You are full of crap they didn’t take pre orders until October at Sweetwater.