Feb Sweetwater Order shipped

Just in case anyone is trying to figure out how close they may be to getting theirs from sweetwater.
I ordered on Feb 2nd and it shipped today.


Unbelievable that I have to wait until 13th of July and Inordered 22.02 so only 3 weeks later.
I don’t understand it anymore. Is this related to Thomann?
Maybe theybcan communicate hiw many unita there are pre ordered and how many they received. That will probably better than communicate nothing.

That doesn’t make sense Wreckington, 1/29 here and ships ETA in June. They are still in December orders right now.

I didn’t know that. I got an email from Sweetwater with a tracking number today.

Not sure of the reasoning behind that. I ordered Feb 2nd and it shipped 5/5

Yeah, that is strange. The latest pre-order that I seen ship is Dec 18th. If true, you sure are lucky.

Hmm. I ordered 1-29-21 and mine doesn’t seem to have shipped.
My rep did say that the second batch would be in this week and that I would be in the second batch

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Maybe luck. I didnt think too much about it until I read these replies

@wreckington do you mind sharing how you paid? (paid in full, sweetwater credit card, 3 or 6 easy payment plan)? i’m just wondering if maybe sweetwater is preferentially shipping ppls orders based on how they are paying. i don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that a company as big as sw would say screw the number you are in the queue, ppl paying the most up front will receive theirs first so they maximize the $$ intake up front as im sure cancellations will likely ramp up every month that passes as ppl are told they wont be receiving their devices until july/aug/sep etc.

Honestly I talked to my rep today about this. I kinda think stuff happens sometimes. No great conspiracy about who paid when or how. Just a mistake albeit a lucky one for him. Whatever I’ll get mine pretty soon I’m sure. Hope you have fun with it!

I paid the full amount with paypal.

I think this is a one off fluke. But enjoy it nonetheless! My rep still thinks 3-4 more weeks for my 1/29 order.

Ordered mine Jan. 19 and nada.

The unit arrived on Friday but I was out of town. I played around with it a little and it sounds pretty spectacular so far. I am applying updates etc.
The lack of a pc editor is a little mind boggling, but I’m sure its coming.

I hope you all receive yours very soon

I don’t begrudge you, I hope you are really enjoying it… but as someone who ordered on 12/23 I am very envious of your good luck. :slight_smile:

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