Any news on Sweetwater batch?

Any news or info on Sweetwater batch? When they going to ship?

copied and pasted from their website:
“NeuralDSP is making every effort to deliver inventory as quickly as possible. Though we have confidence in our ability to fulfill backorders mid April, NeuralDSP is working day and night to make it sooner. We hope you’ll agree that Quad Cortex will be well worth the wait. Pre-order yours today to ensure your place in line for this year’s hottest product. Orders are shipped in the order they are received.”

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I got an email from my sales engineer saying that they’re receiving 2 batches from NDSP, but are expecting to receive both batches on the same day. Was quoted the same mid-April time frame.

I talked to my sales associate today and he said that from the way it’s looking I should be getting it in 3 weeks at the latest. I ordered on April 3rd as well so I was very surprised!

WOW…you are lucky. I placed my order in late November. I was first promised by end of 2020, then January, then February, and then “sometime in April”. I’ve had great experience with SW except in this instance. This had better be the end all of all modelers…(sarcasm intended).

I don’t think Sweetwater is at fault here. If the Production gets pushed it dominos the entire chain.
I ordered on 3/16/21 and was told they have a ton of pre orders so I don’t expect to see it too soon.
I just hope it is worth it period.

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While I agree that it is out of SW control, I would think that the more prudent course would have been that they couldn’t communicate a delivery date, especially after missing the first one. While I understand from NDSP’s side on production delays, someone actually has to be the adult and give a concrete delivery date (if even it’s overly pessimistic). If things come in sooner, then everyone looks like the hero. The worst thing you can do is over promise and under deliver, because that hurts your credibility. It also doesn’t help, that they went on a promo campaign on YouTube and passed out units to these social influencers while the rest of are just sitting around for the last 6 to 8 months waiting on their unit. Pretty crappy way of promotion, in my view.

Yes the Promotion part is for sure disheartening. Marketing and Sales should be on the same page with manufacturing but they are always months if not a year ahead.
However, Being in manufacturing and experiencing first hand the difficulties experienced in the past year with Supply chain, Raw materials availability, Raw material price increase and even when you can acquire something the shortage of Containers and the delays in all the Ports. It has been very difficult to say when anything will arrive. I have had stuff sit in port for weeks before getting put on a train to the final destination. I understand the frustration. Bottom line is none of us can make everyone happy. I hope you get yours soon and hope it as good if not better as expected.

Sweetwater has the same info they’ve had for a few weeks now which predicts being able to fulfill backorders by mid-April. my definition of mid-April would be from the 10th to the 20th. I’m interested to hear from those of you who have pre-ordered with SW to see if this is accurate.

Neither is at fault here. Sweetwater relays the info they are given. Neural has been trying their best during a pandemic that won’t go away. Supply chains are slow and working spaces need altered. And for info I had to order something else from Sweetwater earlier this week. They said while it isn’t impossible they start shipping the last week of April that early May is more realistic. That’s for batch 1.

I ordered mine a few months ago and was contacted a few weeks ago and told it was going to be mid April and I was in the first batch. The rep said they are trying to work out some of the requests and issues they had with the initial units they sent so they could send out the best most problem free unit possible.

Unfortunately, I had ordered other items with it and decided I wanted them shipped out. When they shipped they recreated the order and my new order date probably puts me outside the first batch.

I ordered my QC Oct. 2020 and I havent heard anything on when it’s going to be in my hands. SW has given me little to next to nothing of info of this unit. Very frustrating.

Got tired of waiting so I bought ESP Jeff Hanneman Signature Series (kiso) since the QC is taking so long to get through SW

I ordered on Oct 6, 2020 from SW. I get emails every month from my sales engineer just saying, “Hey, we still haven’t heard anything yet, but we will keep updating you.” I’m really excited to get mine! Every week the excitement grows more and more.

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Last Friday, the first 500 units were shipped to SW.

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Lol. I put my order in back in October. They told me the same thing a couple days ago: “about a week.”

I ordered mine from Sweetwater Jan 29th, and I was just told yesterday that it would be mid to late May… :confused:. That is of course after I was promised repeatedly that it would be mid to late March… then April…! :joy:

Yep, I ordered mine on January 26th and just got a message on my voicemail from the Sweetwater rep saying, and I quote " We haven’t gotten the shipment, aren’t getting clarity from Neural on when it’s going to arrive and how many will be in the shipment, and based on the numbers and the back orders, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get you it until late May, or maybe even October or next year…" WTF? I just tried calling him back, but he didn’t pick up. What a cluster F*cK!!! I’m legitimately pissed off now.

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Jajajajja​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:! Sorry but id couldn’t resist

I love SW and their service. But apparently their system can’t tell them exactly how far back in line we are. If there were a dozen backorders they could count by hand. But with thousands it’s impossible for them to figure it out. We’ll just get them in order, whenever that happens.

Hopefully that October next year comment was their shitty attempt at humor. I’m sure they’re getting frustrated at the constant requests for updates too.