Ordered May 29 2021 Still Waiting


I searched but could not find a post on this topic more recent than April. I ordered from Sweetwater on 5/29/21 and I was told it would be 6 to 8 weeks but damn I can’t wait to plug into this thing. Where’s my box?



From thoman i waited just 5 months… 20weeks

I ordered in March, received in July. 5 months - that’s about how long it takes generally.

Wow, I had my hopes up because of what Sweetwater told me. They are breaking my heart. I should just forget about it then when it arrives it will be a surprise early Christmas present. Thanks you two.

I ordered 3/16/21 received mine on 7/29/21 It is worth the wait.

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There are sweetwater updates posted here. Sweetwater . The latest I’ve seen fulfilled is March 23 2021 on that forum. There should be another truck coming in any day now so that will probably fulfill till the end of march. Fingers crossed … I ordered March 28 they originally told me April… lol


Mike, I have very high expectations for this device. I feel like it’s like having a virtual guitar store worth of amps and cabinets, mostly the ones I can’t afford.

Thanks for the link Chance.

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I bought this for Bass and have a Fuchs ODS 50 with 2 Tone Tubby 12’s sitting next to it.
The QC is connected to a Powered Acugroove El Whappo FRFR Cab and I have been Playing both Bass and Guitar through it since I got it last week The QC/El Whappo combo is just stunning and amazing. I will get it into the ODS at some point. Just so many options with this. Wish I had this 35 years ago Load in and our would be a dream compared to THE SVT and Huge Bass cabs LOL.

I ordered mine from Sweetwater in November and just got it in July.

It was worth the wait. It’s exceeding my expectations.

Ordered mine from Sweetwater June 1. Was told yesterday it will be delivered this week. Almost exactly 4 months. Another data point for y’all. :slight_smile:

Sweetwater called me to tell me my QC was on the way. Today makes it 4 months since I ordered it.

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SW still running 4-5 months on average so they must still have a huge backlog.

I just got mine from Sweetwater this week, ordered 5/19 so just shy of 5 months. I had to forget about it for a while and was pleasantly surprised when I got the call. If you got in before the price increase the also honor the original price you ordered it at.

I finally got it! About 4 months wait. I’ve only had the chance to play some of the presets through my studio headphones. It’s very good. Touch sensitivity, roll back the volume, very nice. I’m very happy. I just need an frfr power cab now.

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