CC MIDI input to activate blocks based on the grid position and not the assigned foot-switches

I find it strange that external MIDI devices can only control devices that are assigned to foot-switches.
Ideally I’d like to be able to externally control blocks that are not assigned to foot-switches, because I don’t have a foot-switch to do that.
An example would be using QC with Ableton Live and using some switches to control the software (starting loops/automations) and the software turning blocks off and on.
Right now if I “sacrificed” switches to control software I am limited in sounds I can access.
I can see all those blocks on the grid but I can’t use them, tantalising me :smile:

Perhaps a better option would be to be able to MIDI control any parameter (including bypass) of any block regardless of it’s position on the grid, or whether it is also controlled by senes and stomp switches on QC. This is what Helix does, and it is very useful.


Yeah, I wholeheartedly agree. The ability to midi control the turning on and off of devices independently of footswitches, as well as independent of modes (preset, scene, stomp), would be simply awesome. For example, I am using the QC in Scene mode, giving me eight scenes to choose from; but I would like to turn on and bypass effects which may not be present in the eight specific scenes on my QC.

For example, say Scene one is a Clean scene, but I want to do something wild like turn on an octaver that is not part of any of the scenes. Instead of having to hop into stomp mode, press the associated footswitch to turn the octaver on, press the footswitch again to turn the octaver off, then to go back to the Scenes view by pressing the two footswitches to change modes, it would be much easier to just send a midi signal to turn on the octaver device independently of what mode I am on, or regardless if the octaver is assigned to a footswitch or not.

The system to control all parameter by the Helix is really the best solution. Really hope Neural can implement this kind of feature. Midi control is very limited by now

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I agree, controlling any parameter via MIDI would be amazing, maybe they can come up with a MIDI learn function


The current post is a duplicate of this request:

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Also, you might want to check out the following request, which is to allow midi control over the device’s modes (preset, scene, stomp, hybrids):

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Yes, more MIDI functionality, please!

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