MIDI tips and tricks for the QC

I haven’t personally posted any of these here, and I don’t know if they make their way over from other platforms, but I figured I’d start posting them here as well.

Just released the latest video in a series I’ve been doing about MIDI control of the QC. While this is still pretty limited (on the QC) at this moment it doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to implement some interesting and useful stuff. Hopefully these videos help others unlock the full potential of the device.

Most recent video here:

Playlist of all videos here:

Feedback, suggestions, questions always welcome but if you can post them as video comments so that anyone else coming in the future to watch can benefit from the info/exchange - thanks!


Phenomenal work! Thanks for sharing!

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!!!AAaaargh the brainz friez, it continues automatically to vid #2:exploding_head: :joy:


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Awesome! Thank you.

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Thanks for all you’ve done!

I was watching video, but it’s a little hard to logically follow for my particular controller, the RJM PBC/6X in mind. Has anyone done the same or similar but for the RJM PBC/6X (or PBC 10) (RJM Music Technologies)?


I honestly don’t know. There is a lot of “general” stuff that will transfer between controllers, but I admit a lot of what I am doing might be Morningstar “specific” - it might be difficult to replicate if your controller doesn’t have similar functionality.