Midi beat clock

@Ringo You are right! I hope the next firmware is a serious update and also fixes this GREAT DEFECT! and above all it also solves the problems of latency, of unity gain of the loops and the problem of noise in the 4CM connection!!!

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Here I am the with the QC on my board thinking, hmm… I should really set up the midi clock out to my volante so I can control the delay tempo and apparently that’s not a feature. Just nuts. I took for granted it had midi clock out cause this is 2023 and it seems like such a fundamental feature for a device like this.

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I agree it’s absolutely bananas. And the fact they won’t just knock this feature out baffles me.

yes to this please!

Has Neural confirmed whether this is actually possible or not, hardware-wise? I don’t see why not, but just in case I’m holding my breath for nothing.
Bonkers that this isn’t the most basic MIDI function.

Bump. This is essential

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Bump. Still waiting on this feature… Absolutely need to send midi out from qc to keep my pedals in sync with our live sessions.


Another new user here, and extremely surprised that the QC doesn’t take Midi clock Out in charge!!

At least for the reason that it’s not possible to use it as a Master Clock for Ableton Live.

E.g. : use QC looper, synched with Ableton Live, by sending Midi Clock Out from QC to Ableton Live, and sync them together.

This is 2023, Ableton live, and looping have became inevitable tools for amateur musicians, YouTubers, Instagramers…

But also for professional musicians, touring with Ableton, or in small venues as well, where you often perform as duos, trios, and need Ableton Live.

This little Midi Clock Out functionality would literally unlock gigs! And allow to use your amazing Looper in a band context, which is now absolutely impossible…

Please Neural DSP, would you give us an answer?

Thanks :pray:t3:

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Yes! I was prepping for a live show this weekend and just took it for granted the QC would have full midi clock master/slave capabilities like every other thing I own. This has been around forever and it’s quite weird the QC doesn’t support it. Sadly the QC is out of contention for these upcoming shows and will have to use my AxeFX3 rig (big and clunky!) instead.


And just to add my voice to this discussion, I’m pretty bummed out that QC doesn’t send midi clock to my other devices. It’s an integral part of my needs for live work. I’m struggling to come up with a workaround, too. For all its greatness, this basic feature seems like a glaring omission and I’m kicking myself for taking for granted that this would be a thing. PLEASE enable midi clock (oh, and more than one command per switch is pretty much a no-brainer too)!


Pretty surprised that midi clock isn’t a feature of QC but more surprised that this thread is 2.5 years old and it hasn’t been implemented…


Problem apparently solved with last update…

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EDIT: Deleted because I was wrong.

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One could always take their vote back, like I just did :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been sending midi clock info to the QC without this workaround for quite a long time. I believe it shipped with the ability to receive midi clock unless I am misunderstanding you? Sending obviously just happened but even that is a bit half measured I’ll agree.

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I have been able to successfully use the QC receiving external midi beat clock for a long time. It has always followed external midi tempo things perfectly. Just pro tools sending out midi beat clock, a midi interface, and the QC.

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Hi @sleiweke care to share what you are sending to the QC? Or are you just sending a continuous beat? What CC and PC?

Midi beat clock is a kind of time code if you will. Not using minutes and seconds, but beat markers according to the tempo you’re using. In pro tools, there’s a menu option to send beat clock to specified midi outputs. I’m sure whatever DAW you’re using, there’s a similar option to send beat clock.

If you’re using a pedal, like another delay pedal, a disaster area designs Micro Clock or Smart Clock, you have to check the manual of your device to figure out how to tell it to send midi beat clock to another device.

I have not had to use the new feature in the QC that let’s the QC be the master clock for other devices yet. I’m sure it’s an easy setup. The QC manual should help you out there.


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