Sending Midi Clock from QC to delay pedal (strymon timeline)

Trying to find a way to get whatever tempo is running on my quad cortex (whether by preset / scene or tap) to be the same (via midi instruction) for my strymon timeline.

Eg I switch to a preset or scene with 120bpm and it switches my timeline to that tempo.

I don’t know much about midi, but I think all the setting are open on the timeline for such an instruction (by default it is ready to receive midi clock) - question is how to SEND the midi clock from the QC??

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Bump?? Anyone out there?

Bump?? Still haven’t figured out a way to do this

Also interested

I agree. Beat clock is your friend. It can help sync all sorts of fun external things. And it would be cool if the QC could follow external beat clock as well.

Hey guys. Unfortunately, at the moment, sending MIDI clock through din is not supported, which is why this won’t work. We’ll continue to expand the MIDI features of the QC with upcoming updates.

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sorry to say that but thats a shame

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Sooner than later would be great as people are using external effects and this is a valuable function…
I am using Strymon and can’t leave them on so have to use send/receive blocks to bypass them as I don’t have sync to tempo or bypass. This is a half way house at the moment and sounds like an easy win for you guys…

Yup, this is one of the reasons my QC is sitting on the shelf instead of my pedalboard.

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