Midi beat clock

Hey! How do you send the midi clock to qc over USB from logic? Or does it just sync up automatically for ya?

Dear gentlemen of neural. Thank you very much for the latest update. It has fixed all my midi Clock tempo issues plus many other improvements. thank you thank you thank you!!

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Unfortunately , at least in my case with OS 1.3.3, i still can’t receive any midi clock signal in the daw from the QC via USB.
I think it’s still not implemented?
I guess what has been fixed is that you can forward a midi clock from the MIDI In port?
It would be so nice to control the daw-clock with the tempo-footswitch from the QC.
I guess it is quiet easy to implement.

Yes, the QC can receive MIDI beatclock, but it’s not sending it out

Yep it still can’t send a clock to other devices, I suppose we are half way there being able to receive a clock, but I wait with baited breath so I can use the qc as master clock to sync my other pedals to it :joy:

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Dear developers of NeuralDsp
Make your device the master device of all devices and program us a midi clock.
Would be so helpful :slight_smile:


Hello, also requesting the ability to send midi clock from the QC so it can be my main processor to control the tempo all my other pedals. Thank you.

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Please add this feature and the additional cc send on alternative midi channels from scenes.


Being able to send midi clock to external devices from my Quad Cortex is a definite need for me. Currently I am using real estate on my pedal board to accommodate a midi controller in order to send clock to both my Quad Cortex and my Empress EchoSystem, and it has made things much more complicated than they really need to be. If the QC itself could send clock to my EchoSystem, it would completely remove the need to have an additional midi controller on my board and allow me to make better use of the scene controls on the QC itself.


This is 100% a non negotiable feature for me. I’m so disappointed this isn’t a thing yet. Please come soon.


How am I suppose to use my drumbrute if I can sync BPM in or out with the quad cortex? This cant be real. Can someone please explain to me what the story with this is? If I send BPM out via midi from my Morningstar will it sync or not?

It will absolutely sync. It currently does not send beat clock OUT, but can accept it from other sources via USB or DIN

The request here is for beat clock out, which is still a needed feature

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I can send from Logic to QC via USB. Definitely want MIDI Out to send to my Microcosm

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How do you vote? This one is top on my list

Up at the very top of the request it’ll show the vote count with a box under it that says “vote” - if you’re eligible to vote.

It’s working for me in the new 2.0. I’m sending midi clock to the QC and tempo is matching.

I’m trying to drive midi clock out to Roland drum machine, synths and others. Want to minimize the gear a simple clock would help me eliminate a separate clock

but for users who want to send midi beat from QC to other devices - this is the feature request

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There’s a pretty standard implementation for this on MIDI capable devices. Neural, please look at MIDI holistically and include the following:


  • receive MIDI clock, and optionally send it back out/thru to other devices (see below for Thru issues)
  • or, send MIDI clock


  • the current Thru implementation is wrong (sorry for being direct, but it is). Thru should NOT disable QC’s ability to send MIDI. It should leave that intact AND also send incoming message back out.

Multiple Outbound Messages

  • support multiple outbound messages per switch/scene/stomp. So we can use the QC as a simple MIDI controller for multiple outboard pedals.

Here’s a concrete use case:

I have a QC and outboard MIDI pedal 1, outboard MIDI pedal 2

I want to hit a button on the QC to (1) select a scene, (2) send PC on MIDI channel 1 to pedal 1, and (3) send a different PC on MIDI channel 2 to pedal 2 (can’t do this currently since only 1 command per button)

For tempo, I want the option to either (a) set the tempo on the QC and have it send MIDI clock to my pedals, or (b) have my DAW send MIDI clock into the QC and have it set the tempo and pass that along to the pedals, while still preserving the outbound PC messages above


we need the MIDI CLOCK !it’s 2023!! @DavideAru