Can QC follow external midi clock

Ive just integrated my qc into my pedalboard after playing with it on its own for a few days, is there a way to have the qc sync to an external midi clock, im aware you can send it a midi cc for bpm but my existing gear sends out a global midi beat clock, which can’t be sent to any particular cc.
Or can the qc send its tempo out through midi to sync other devices so its own tap tempo switch can be used to set the tempo across my pedal board.
Ive read the manual and messed about with it but seems it will only work via sending tempo via a cc which I can’t currently do. Or is this something that’s being added in an update.



Are you able to speak to this?

Surely this is something they are planning on adding in an update?! Without having global midi/clock out control, you can’t auto sync any of your midi pedals to the QC’s master tempo. Delay’s, beats, effects, etc that depend on a tempo to match will be all over the place.

Any word if this is being addressed!?