Feat. Request: Make Hybrid Mode more like “Command center” on Helix

Instead of having the top row just for stomps and the bottom row for scenes (as the soon to be updated hybrid mode), it would be better if we could assign any of the foot switches to any function (pedal, scene or preset) as you currently can on the Line-6 helix eco-system using their awesome Command-Center.

Absolute agreement!
Line6 delivered an excellent feature with the Command Center, which I loved back in the Helix Floorboard.
The possibilities of the Command Center are responsible for the fact that I continue to leave an HX Stomp in the setup alongside the Quad Cortex.

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If the QC’s development trajectory turns out to be similar to the Helix’s expansion of Command Center’s functionality, we could be waiting a while. If I remember correctly, it took years before Hybrid mode on the Helix became the more flexible “switch to anything” paradigm it features now.

No reason not to be optimistic though. Maybe the blueprint for various enhancements, established on previous modelers, will continue to accelerate their appearance on more current ones. It will be interesting to see how various modeling companies navigate through patents and proprietary technology to allow maximum functionality for their users. Would hate to see a situation like the one that developed early on in internet technology. For example, with the Amazon one-click patent lawsuit. Seems like certain functionality should be available to be implemented on any modern modeler.

An ideal outcome would be seeing certain types of enhanced functionality, like “switch to anything”, become the standard and a part of the initial release of these devices.

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Wether or not it is hard to implement, that’s the bar Neural have to pass. That’s what competition looks like. Command Center has been available for a while now in Helix world. Everyone else has to catch up. Qc is the new kid in town, they have to get there, or surpass it to be competitive. I hope they pay attention to this request, even if it takes them a while to get to it.

+1! Already pointed that out in my comments in Honeymoon Phase ends how do I feel now? - #34 by BrentG
The missing flexibility to use presets, scenes and stomps together is the reason why my QC just collects dust for a year now and why i still keep using my Helix.
Absolutely agree on that and that the QC is not up to the competition in this point. Boss can do it, Kemper can do it, Helix can do it, even new players like Mooer can do it. Every other brand is way ahead in terms of usability, flexibility and controlling possibilities.

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Typically I’d wait to vote for a feature request extension on a new feature which is in beta (hybrid mode), but the Helix Command Center was my favorite feature when I had a Helix.

This would add a ton of flexibility!

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