Hybrid mode concept - not perfect, but ok

Quad Cortex Development Update - September 2022

If I understand the article, we will be able to have a hybrid mode between the top and bottom row of footswitches.
It’s not ideal for me, I would have preferred switch by switch.
Since most of the time, I use scene mode, but would like one footswitch in stomp mode as volume boost…

But maybe I misunderstood, let’s wait for the implementation.

Anyway, no complaint, even without hybrid mode I’m more than happy with the QC.


Same boat here, the long-awaited Hybrid-mode seems to be a little bit ‘half-baked’ according to this Blog post …

Wait & See, but - yes - I think most people expected a ‘switch by switch’ configurable mode… :confused:

Maybe there are some technical difficulties that we don’t see ?


Seems like a natural development progression for the hybrid mode to come in rows first with a more flexible switch-by-switch implementation perhaps coming somewhere down the line. I’m delighted to see the row-by-row implementation coming in the 2.0 firmware. This is a much-needed feature.

I hope they also improve the serial routing/splitting and most of all, offer output block options for multiple summed mono outs so we can more easily run in mono to an onstage monitor and FOH.

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Correct it is row by row and what was posted in the development update is what will be coming in 2.0.0 from a functionality standpoint.

Yes, maybe the switch-by-switch will be added later.
But anyway, the more I think about it, top row / bottom row fulfils most of my needs.
Basic amp settings scenes (clean/crunch/lead) in the bottom row, chorus/boost/etc. stomps in the top row. Should work fine.

So I will be very happy with 2.0.0

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I didn’t even THINK of a hybrid mode until I read the post earlier (then again I’ve had my QC for only 2 days). I’ve always used presets on a midi controller to avoid too much toe-tapping but sometimes the flexibility of throwing stomps on/off is cool. I think this is a great addition

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This was the way Neural said they planned to do this from the beginning. It definitely will come in handy for me. I did vote in the "every switch " mode though :sunglasses:. I think it would be very possible to do this, but for now I’m happy

The QC has been a game changer for me, and it just gets better. Bring on 2.0! :smiley:


After reading the article (https://neuraldsp.com/news/quad-cortex-development-update-september-2022) I’m left with some questions:

  1. I assume modes to be a global setting? Otherwise it could be a mess to navigate through presets which are set to different modes each.
  2. If we set up ‘stomps+scenes’ hybrid mode, we can access 4 of 8 scenes and 4 of 8 stomps. How will they be mapped? If the upper row is stomps, the switches will most likely be mapped to stomps A to D but will the lower switches be than mapped to scenes E to F or to scenes A to D?
  3. If we set up ‘stomps+scenes’ hybrid mode, will this make the pure scene mode and the pure stomp mode unavailable? It doesn’t seem like hybrid mode can co-exist next to all standard modes.

my hack for that was literally shutting off the ping pong on my delays LOL.

I would really prefer to map switches to any number of block bypass, parameter min/max values, scene or preset with MIDI and store this in the patch. This allows us to configure the switches to meet our workflow with no limitations and to optimize the functions of the switches. I would also like press, press&release, double press, and long press on any switch so we can use the 8 switches for more than one thing in a patch. Essentially an MC8 built into QC with comprehensive MIDI mapping to QC parameters.

4-top/4-bottom for stomp/scene is a fine pattern or shortcut. But it’s not flexible enough for broader use cases. If you want to use QC like a traditional pedalboard and amp, then there needs to be more flexible footswitch function mapping.


Agreed. 4-top, 4-bottom is another constraint. I think the QC will continue to improve, but Hybrid mode should be more customizable.

Full switch customisation is highly needed, and with pages with up and down (more than 8 scenes and more than 8 stomps) it will be optimum.

“You can also drag a Mode to the top-right corner to remove it from the cycle completely. When a Mode has been removed, you can add it again by pressing the add button. It is not possible to remove all three Modes.”

Looks like we should be able to take ‘preset’ off the cycle to toggle between scene and stomp now. This means I can free up a button on the morningstar for something else :smiley:

Between 8 scenes, and 8 stomps, I can cover all I need to. It’s very intuitive to me with just a toggle switch. It would still be good to have fully programmable switches though.

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Ah yes, good point. So even if we keep 8 scenes and 8 stomps, we can still use them both by changing modes (and removing preset mode). Then it’s only one step between 8 scenes and 8 stomps. Could work as well.

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Does anyone with these layout questions have any experience with a Kemper Stage? It is bigger so there are 5 buttons for rigs (scenes) across the bottom and 8 buttons for stomps across the top. It’s that lack of Hybrid mode on the QC that has stopped me from making the complete swtich from the Kemper Stage to the QC live. I think the QC sounds better, but I’m so used to being able to essentially dial up variations in scenes with stomp buttons on the Kemper I haven’t switched for live performances. Kemper has (in their minds) logically layed out the buttons in this way and it makes great sense to me, BUT we’re all different and flexibility in the layout of scenes and stomps would allow for different organizations. FOR ME, I want it just like they are talking with four different amp combos across the bottom and the ability to turn on/off a compressor, OD, delay, etc across the top. I set my Kemper up so it goes from clean to dirty going left to right, and I have two different versions of the OD sound with the far right with a higher output level to turn me up for solos. I also run an MXR Mini Timmy on the floor to the right of the Kemper, so I can add another version of OD to any rig (scene). For delay I have it on all the time and I use a Dunlop mini volume pedal to go from completely dry to drowning in delay, so that frees up one stomp button for other things.

Again, just my 2 cents, but the way they are proposing the hybrid mode setup is the most logical, but giving flexibility to those who use a different layout would probably make more people happy.

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Yep, different strokes for different folks, but that’s a good thing.

I was looking at the Kemper Stage before the QC showed up. They cost roughly the same at the time. I rolled the dice on the QC because it had a better IO for my various setups.

My thought was to use it for effects in a 4CM with my tube amp, and as a backup. Now I use it solely for everything. It took a little getting use to, but with the mc6, it more than gets the job done. Not to mention how quick it is to set up, and tweek on the fly.

I have 4 basic scenes set up. Clean, crunch, and 2 variations of effected rhythms. Then a couple dedicated to drop tuning to a few songs we cover at the time. I can select a scene, then switch to stomp mode to control drives, effects on /off, or switch to a lead amp etc. I have all the drives, effects, lead channel set to the same switches where possible. Still not perfect maybe, but works pretty well for me.

I don’t like change, but the QC is so easy / fun to use I don’t mind so much. My Bass player / soundman loves it because it sits so well in the mix, and I’m still getting lots of compliments on our sound. I’m pretty simple in my needs though. It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy :smiley:


Yeah I really hope NDSP don’t rest on their laurels with hybrid mode. It is a welcome step forward, but total footswitch flexibility is deeply needed.

Functionality like having a footswitch cycle through preset parameters of a single block (ie time / feedback of a delay / verb), cycle bypass of several blocks (ie cycle between amps / amp channels), assigning single footswtches to presets, scenes and stomps separately, assigning latching or momentary switching etc etc are all things that would really cement the QC as a leader in the space, not to mention improve my ease of use as a live musician.

I see the benefits of individually customizable footswitches but to be fair, NDSP is providing the most requested feature by votes in the feature request category: Hybrid Mode: Top Row = Presets/Bottom Row = Scenes


Would be helpful to be able to switch off a chorus, trem, ect ie like fractal via switches individually on top row and scenes on bottom.

I just do this and it works fine for now

I set three scenes and five stomps