Hold & Secondary Functions for foot switches

It’s great to assign an expression pedal to multiple parameters for live effects manipulation, but it’d be super handy to do the same with the foot switches. Add the foot switches as an additional expression tool! For instance, in stomp mode, a footswitch pressed could toggle bypass state, but hold the same footswitch to manipulate/ramp user-defined parameters while the switch is held. I’d love to see it across all modes. It’d be useful in many situations where a user might want multiple expression triggers live, or could leave the expression pedal at home if the effects allow less precise expression.

Agreed. It’d be like morphing Kemper style.
I see it wouldn’t be useful in Stomp mode, but in Preset and Scene mode it would be extremely useful.

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I’ve received my shipping notification and can’t wait to receive my QC! I have a question that hopefully someone can answer… is it currently possible to toggle the state of a scene by second pressing a switch?

For example;
→ My AX8 can toggle between scene 1 and 2 by pressing the switch a second time…
→ My Kemper Floor can morph between 2 states…

Both of these functions maximise the ability to be able to toggle between a Rhythm and Lead tone, or Dirty and Clean without tap dancing… perfect in live situations negating the need to look down.

I’d love to know if it’s currently possible and if not can someone chime in with whether their are plans to implement it?


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