Hybrid Mode: Top Row = Presets/Bottom Row = Scenes

Footswitches A thru D are Presets of choosing.
Footswitches E thru H are Scenes that correspond with the selected Preset.

I honestly feel like I can narrow down the majority of my usage to 4 main Presets… and within each Preset I could have 4 Scenes to make necessary changes within a song performance.

Add the third mode–Stomps–into that too.

Actually, I’d love if a patch could have a “hybrid” mode that was a combination of scenes and stomps. My “most of the night” patch currently has seven scenes, which leaves one button unassigned. I’d love that button to maybe be a “lead boost” stomp, just a volume block that bumps me by a few dB regardless of what Scene I’m in.


That’s pretty much what they described when introducing hybrid mode:

  • Top row has either presets, stomps, or scenes
  • Bottom row has one of the two types not in the top row
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was thinking I heard that. so has it been mentioned that Hybrid Mode is a planned feature in an upcoming firmware update?

That’s the odd thing. They had screen shots/animations on the QC page but pulled them somewhere along the way. Having a feature request for Hybrid Mode might help maintain focus on the feature.

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The Internet remembers everything :slight_smile:


The video is indeed available on the Neural Dsp facebook page…

hence… it should be coming soon to a firmware update near you.

“Coming soon” has taken on a whole new meaning with this product. :wink:

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