Single Midi Footswitch

New QC owner here. Is it possible to use a single midi footswitch to toggle on/off a block within presets? I’d like to be in scene mode but have an external single footswitch for a volume /solo boost in any scene rather than have dedicated scenes for “solos”. Thanks!

Not really. That might be a function within the new hybrid mode. Best way to handle is with scenes. You can do it with a midi foot switch CC 35(A) CC36(B) etc. you also use the same CC#s in stomp or preset modes to control individual stomps or preset but not cross a mode. Alternatively, depending on your MC you could send multiple midi messages. So if use a toggle command, your midi controller could launch stomp mode, engage the foot switch assigned to the boost, then if you hit again bring you back to scene or preset mode. That could also work.


Hi Mark – keep the MIDI use cases coming. I hit a number of issues like this last year when I was new owner. Bottom line is Neural hasn’t through through what a thorough MIDI implementation should be, so what we have are just few spotty commands and limited outbound MIDI as well. Hopefully they’ll hear us if we keep pointing this stuff out.

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Appreciate the answers guys! Coming from Kemper and Helix and owning QC for a few days I’m already seeing use cases where we need a bit more flexibility, mainly live playing which I would think is the majority of use of the QC.

Other than these issues which can definitely be resolved with updates the QC is blowing me away sound and feel wise. loving it!