MIDI in Hybrid Mode

Hi all, I can’t find an answer to this question. It’s the main thing holding me back from getting a QC so if one of you who owns one and uses MIDI could see if this is possible I’d be very grateful.
I have read the manual but can’t work out for definite if this is possible.

For my touring and gigs I need more than 4 scenes and 4 stomps available to me at any one time.
I need at least 8 scenes and 4 stomps.

So, if I have a 4 button midi controller, can I set it up to use it as an expansion to hybrid mode?

lower row of switches on QC = 4 Scenes
upper row of switches on QC = 4 Stomps
MID controller = 4 Scenes


No…You could set qc in scene mode with 8 scenes and use midi for stomps. Or use a bigger midi and use it however you like


Is that definitely possible? Has anyone here done it and is it simple to set up?

I’m talking about:

8 scenes on QC
4 stomps on a MIDI controller

I was under the impression that couldn’t be done.

Im sure you can. I havent done exactly that but I did have a midi baby 3 programmed to pull up two specific stomps and open looper while in scene mode. Stomps have to be part of the preset already. Not sure why you heard its not possible.

Hello, the issue with midi on the QC is that the individual effects blocks cannot be controlled (on or off) via midi, they MUST be assigned to a switch (which CAN be controlled via midi). This limits the QC to 8 controllable devices total (you can also control effects blocks separately with a pedal or switch via the 2 expression jacks). You only have 8 scenes OR 4 scenes & 4 effects blocks OR 8 programs (which I don’t advise as switching is slow). You COULD add a separate 4-button, midi controller BUT it can only control the blocks assigned to the buttons and because midi control of the blocks is limited, they only function sequentially on and off, there is no full midi of on/off (i.e. 0=off, 1-127=on does not exist). Hopefully, this is something that can be added in an update. .


Late coming back to this one. Thanks for your explanation.

Does this mean that my ambition of having 8 separate scenes on the QC switches, and then controlling the stomps within those scenes from a separate 4 switch midi controller is not possible?

Hey oboy, I’m currently using a 5-switch, external midi controller to control the different amps (scenes) in my preset. If you check the midi section of the QC manual you’ll see you can control the modes of the QC (stomp, scene, program) so I switch modes with the external controller to switch the scenes and leave the QC for switching the stomps. I hope this helps.

Ah, so you’ve got 5 scenes and 8 stomps?

But I couldn’t have 8 scenes and 5 stomps?

Hey oboy, yeah, sure! You could get a Morningstar MC8 and have 8 & 8 no problem. I just don’t have enough room on my pedalboard for an MC8!

Hi Intent,

Sorry for being so slow to respond on this. Just checking - when you do this are you in pure scene mode, or hybrid mode?
I really I want to have all 8 buttons on the QC switching scenes, and the 5 buttons on my midi controller switching stomps (which will be part of the preset as you said)