On/Off Stomp A-H in all modes via Midi

Would love to have access to assigned A-H stomps in any mode using midi. Similar to CC# 43 0-7 for scenes.

This would mean that you could have 8 stomps using a simple external midi controller.

Without needing that midi controller to send multipule messages (swap to stomp mode, activate switch, swap back to scene mode) as suggested in a previous post.

absolutely this! I don’t know how they didn’t program the QC to work like this originally. With a Helix you can have full control over the stomps via midi, while being in scene mode on the unit, etc.

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There are a lot of feature requests for better MIDI control, actually. This request is great, but it may be helpful to compile all of the MIDI requests into one, because I’m not seeing evidence that Neural DSP has really gotten the idea that a lot of people are waiting for better MIDI options, and the feature requests are all fragmented into several requests.


There are a million requests for MIDI functions ranging from basic no-brainer stuff like this, to more advanced/expansive control. Compiling all of them into a single thread would be exhaustive. But I agree, MIDI needs to become more of a priority for the QC. In the meantime, check out some of these requests:


Didn’t @RexRemus compile a pretty exhaustive list concerning midi improvements that he submitted to NDSP? I haven’t been able to find a link but I seem to remember something like that from a while back

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Yep, and all of this was in it.

Changes will be coming. We got a taste in 2.1. Hopefully we’ll get some larger changes in the following releases (hot fixes aside).

But Neural is very aware of the desire for more MIDI control. Not that we shouldn’t be voting on the requests, but just to confirm they’ve seen these and I’ve presented directly to people internally