Accidentally select Preset Down when changing modes

I’ve checked and can’t see that this post exists already, but I can’t be the only one (and I don’t have big feet!)

I often find that when I try to change modes using the Preset Down and Tempo footswitches simultaneously, I hit the Preset Down down a fraction of a second earlier than the Tempo one, and accidentally change Presets.
Depending on what mode I’m in, best case this changes the Bank, causes the LED against the new Preset under the same relative footswitch that the previous Preset was assigned to to flash, but doesn’t load that new Preset, so there is no change to the sound. I can rescue this situation by hitting the Tempo switch again, on its own, and it cancels the bank change request and takes me back to the Preset I was using before.

Worst case I have just changed Presets halfway through a song, which is not what I want!

Is anyone else having this problem? Any workarounds?

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Yep. For some reason I had it in my head that 2.0.0 would solve this with the new modes menu but it didn’t lol.

This is probably the biggest reason I use an Mc6 midi controller. I have a switch setup to toggle scene/stomp, as well as one for the tuner , and gig view. The other three are assigned to amp scenes while I play in stomp mode.

I’m hoping for a clever solution to reassign these switches in the future.

Good solution - if you don’t mind the extra cost/space/faff of an external pedal. Like you though I hoped 2.0 would address this, and hope for a solution at some point in the future. Personally I see addressing these sort of ergonomic ‘flaws’ as more important than adding new Captures / effects etc…

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I agree that more switch functionality would help us in live performance use. If you haven’t voted for this feature request…


…maybe you should consider it. Secondary functions for these footswitches could possibly solve this issue, and a few more.

I’m still fighting the super loud white noise that keeps me going back to my Helix for gigs. I’ve asked for input but haven’t gotten any answers yet that is an answer to the noise. I’m a retired studio player/jingle singer and like the tone but have had a steep learning curve. I got a EV-5 and it doesn’t work until I get 1/2 way down and the noise gate makes it hard to get a feel on ballads. I can play softly with my Variax/Helix but Strat/Cortex is difficult to get a feel for. It’s probably because I am not tweaking the gain right but in the old days (forever gone) you got mic’s or direct and the engineer added the effects. I’m through and hope I can use for more than a backup. Thx.

Mine is whisper quiet. My guess is that there’s a problem with the gain structure somewhere. Likely the your input gain. Does the input meter show a good strong signal?

Sorry to raid your post, Littlespaceman.

This is one of the reasons I waited for 2.0.0 to be released to use my QC for live gigs. I set it to Hybrid Mode (scene bottom and stomps on top) and removed Preset mode. Set like that, the mode buttons don’t function so no way for an embarrassing mistake. I just used my QC live for the first time 2 days ago and it worked great. My previous rig was a Kemper Stage.

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Agreed with this, change mode is not the ideal solution.

Not at all - although there is a post somewhere here about gain and clipping etc (I’m sure there is because I posted on it at some point too!)

That had occurred to me, but how do you change Presets?

Also, using it that way makes the Feature Request for a ‘Page 2’ in Hybrid Mode, to allow you to access further Scenes and Stomps, more necessary - here is the link if you want to add your vote

I’ve tried my set up like this and the Mode buttons don’t work, but the Bank/Preset down one does, which is the one I most DON’T want to work as it can change Presets without warning…

I use a Disaster Area MIDI Baby to change modes on my board for this exact same reason. Its small and tucks in to most places.

Fair enough - but it still means using an external pedal, and ideally I don’t want to have to do that.
It would be a simple fix so let’s hope this is something Neural address soon

Agreed that is still a potential problem, but there is a trade-off of getting a more compact and portable unit. What I’ve tried to do is get used to only using the toe of my shoe to hit the tap tempo or change scenes I have set on buttons E-H. If they had asked me (hahaha) I would have had them put both the bank up and bank down buttons on the top of the unit and not have the bank down so close the tap/tuner button. What’s worse for me is I put an MXR Timmy on the floor to the right of the QC and that goes into input #1. THAT button is only a couple of inches from the tap button and I try to position it far enough forward so I don’t hit bank down.

Here is a suggestion for you that I did. My main preset is in 1A, and I use that one preset over 95% of the time. I copied that preset to 32H, so IF I accidentally hit bank down it will just bank to the same preset on another bank. At least I’m still on the same preset and can quickly tap the correct Scene and keep going until I can recover and bank back up to 1A. I’ve now used my QC on 3 gigs and I’m getting more used to the button layout. If you set your QC up so every song has its own slot then that’s not going to be much help.

Thanks for the reply - yes, funnily enough that workaround had occurred to me. And I take your point about the size and form factor. I’m sure there is a better solution though (for the current form factor) so I’m hopeful that further updates allow greater user customisation of various footswitches