Let me know if I’m not seeing something. I am trying to work my MC8 out of a job. I have my amps on the Scene mode and effects on the stomp mode. In hybrid I can remove preset which is good, but I’m not finding how to make one switch alternate between them. Still requires the two buttons at the bottom and I have to work at hitting them at the same time. I will keep trying but wanted to see if there was somewhere else that addressed that. If not I’m fine with working on it and/or still using the MC8. If I can do it with a switch then I would no longer need the MC8.

There is to big of a downside to have the two buttons change mode. I can hit them ok most of the time but if you are off toward the top the preset changes. I have removed preset from the cycle only having stomp and scene, but I can’t risk changing the preset during a song. One button designation for mode switches makes my MC8 go away.

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