Midi Footswitch

I’m pretty new with the Quad Cortex. Does anyone have experience with using a extra Midi footswitch to switch presets ? I would like to have the QC on stage left and a footswitch to switch banks/presets on stage right too. does this work ?

Hi @DudeDudsen and welcome to the community. Many have had great success using the Morningstar MC8 midi foot controller and ease of setup. Take a look:

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Thank you. I will try them.

Check out this video that shows pretty much all the options with a morningstar mc8


@jallawalla Do you know if there is a way to get the scene names from the QC displayed on the Morningstar?

Is there actually any other programmable midi switch would work besides the morning star ?

Also, can I switch the scenes with midi too does the midi switching only work in preset mode ?

Sorry for the late reply. I think not. There is still only a minimal set of midi functions exposed from the QC.

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Yes, plenty of midi switchers out there that will work. Nothing special about the type of midi required.

Yes, you can switch scenes too.

@jallawalla first all, thank you for your replies. Its very nice to actually get good answers for my questions.

I just bought the Harley Benton MP100 which is similar to the Melo Audio Midi Commander. I saw in a rig rundown that Pekka from Stamina is using this switch so seems to work. Unfortunately my finish is very bad so i don‘t understand what his git-tech explains. However i will try to figure it out.

If anyone has any experience with it i would very much appreciate and hints.

I checked the Harley Benton MP100 Midi Switch and it works for what I need it, thats good. It doesn’t switching presets and setlist but it works nicely in the scene or stomp mode.

I use a Morningstar MC8 and it works well. Using it for scene (amp) changes as well as view and initiating the looper. The names won’t pull directly as there is not two way communication. You have to edit them in on the midi software.

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Look at piratemidi.com to bridge6 or bridge4

No luck getting the MC8 to trigger the morningstar…I set midi on in the Quad and used the scripts inside the MS editor…any tricks here?

What do you mean, “No luck getting the MC8 to trigger the Morningstar”? The Morningstar MC8 is one component etc., have you reached out to Morningstar support for their product? If you want, email support@neuraldsp.com and they might be possibly familiar with the MC8.

Disregard…I got it connected

Yeah all set…seems it just was not connecting.

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I made my decision and got a MC8 which is a awesome switch. One question remains…

Is there a way to display the tuner on the MC8 or can you connect the tuner to the expression inputs ?

I’m struggling to connect the MC8 to QC. It looks I’ve done all correctly but I cannot change or get any signal to the QC. I just want to be able to switch my presets. Can you help or send some screenshot?

No that us not possible.

You can trigger the tuner on the qc but the display on mc8 not

Make sure you have midi enabled on the QC. Also are you connected to editor while making changes? You need to disconnect in order for the commands to work.