Hold & Secondary Functions for foot switches

Coming from Kemper Stage I’d take this every day of the week. In combination with the highly wanted hybrid mode, live use will be amazing.

Bottom row - scenes. With secondary functions that would be a total of eight scenes.

Top row - stomp. In a dream scenario different stomps for each of the four “Main” scenes but four overall stomps is better than nothing.

Strictly a preference thing but I happen to prefer scenes on the top and stomps on the bottom, so I hope that Neural implements options for a variety of configurations with an eye towards having the flexibility to mix & match, eventually allowing scenes, stomps, and even presets to be assigned to any footswitch. Starting with a hybrid mode with options to assign either row of footswitches to just presets, scenes, or stomps though is a grand place to start. Extended functionality using a second click or long-press would be a big bonus as well per the OP’s request.

There’s a short video released by Neural in the early days showing the hybrid mode and according to that you can choose as you want between scenes, stomp and presets but restricted to one row each. Freely assignable switches and secondary functions would be amazing though.

Adding my voice to this one. Footswitching on the QC is a long way behind the competition, and being able to freely reassign all the footswitches (even the existing preset up/down, tempo etc) using primary, secondary and momentary swtiching is a must. Fractal got this right and Neural have some catching up to do to allow full utilization of the power of the QC in a live setting.

The QC is in a class of its own being able to cram boatloads of blocks into their presets and the currently switching model severely impedes control of all that when playing live. I hope when they finally get round to improving the switching that they don’t just settle on a limited ‘top/bottom row’ toggle between scenes and stomps, and actually go out of their way to build something best in class (just like they did with the looper!)

It is so important that this update happens. Not only the press and hold function would be a huge upgrade to useability, but right now in stomp mode there isn’t even any way to “channel switch” between two split paths, unless one uses expression pedal for that (not the toe switch, the actual expression). This is because only a block bypass is able to be assigned to a footswitch, no other parameter. Right now footswitches are really handicapped, hope this gets implemented ASAP

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A RJM or Gigrig G3 style multi function switch where you can either double tap or hold the switch would be amazing. I could see me using this to have 2 scenes on 1 switch, allowing up to 16 scenes. This would mean not having to mess around with changing up and down banks.

Yeah, seeing the info of what NDSP have released about Hybrid mode, i don’t see any mention of double tap or hold functionality and this is a real disappointment for me… Unfortunately, Hybrid mode is not going to provide me (personally) with much additional flexibility… other button functions however would open up a whole world of functionality.


Yes, definitely needed. Would be like Kemper Morphing. Hold for boost and delay, solo boost, etc…

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Based on how you’re describing this, wouldn’t this also enable Momentary switch functionality?

Yeah, that’s one outcome that I’m particularly interested in using.

But other footswitch interactions (double tap, press 2 switches at once, allowing a switch to perform a MIDI task without being attached to a block, e.g.) could open up further potential and lend flexibility in implementation to users.

The thing that holds me back from totally embracing scene mode is a second press of the switch to go back to the previous scene. It’s more intuitive for me to play this way. With the new hybrid mode, this would be epic.

All that is needed imo is double tap and hold functionality.

When assigning a foot switch you should have three options and could assign thee things per switch.

This way one could use a single foot switch in stomp mode to engage or disengage two different effekts and turn on a third temporarily.

Same with scenes.

Hybrid mode would become much more powerful that way.

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I hate to say it, especially as i know it would have taken hundreds of man hours in developing the latest update, but Hybrid mode is next to useless for me… if it suits your needs, that’s great but i personally feel that NDSP missed the mark by a mile here… with all the time spent programming Hybrid mode, would it have been too difficult to implement some button toggle/hold functionality?

I currently use scene mode explicitly to make the QC functional in a live setting… Hybrid would be great for presets on the bottom with 4 scenes or stomps up top, except the switching delay of presets makes this redundant, it’s inexcusably long and simply not usable live…

I can only hope that NDSP improves the switching functions but it’s taken this long to implement a somewhat half-baked switching system (in comparison to what the competition offers) that I’m certainly not going to hold my breath.


I was so full of expectation I went online literally every day for the last month to see if CorOs 2.0 had dropped. After spending a couple of hours with it since, I’m sad to say I’m a little unimpressed and in particular because I agree with you, after all the time spent developing the Hybrid Mode, it’s not nearly as useful as I hoped it would be.

The big reason for this IMHO is because you are limited to only 4 Scenes and 4 Stomps or 4 Presets (whichever combination you have chosen)

HOWEVER, a ‘Page 2’ function, which could be selected by perhaps a long press of a footswitch (eg the top right ‘Bank Up’ footswitch?) which would then give you access to another page of Scenes / Stomps / Presets, to restore you to the 8 available in non-Hybrid mode, would be the perfect.

Even better would be the possibility of user customising what the second page offers you (I think you can do something like this on the Helix?) So if I combine Scene and Preset, I can choose whether Page 2 offers 4 more Scenes and Presets or another 8 Scenes.

The other issue I have with the Hybrid mode is the colour coding of the LEDs for the modes that you combine; in the Modes Configuration screen, the graphic shows which row is assigned to which mode by using PURPLE and YELLOW LEDS. You can then toggle which mode is on the top and which is on the bottom, and the LEDS change colour correspondingly.

However, if you combine Preset and Scene modes as a Hybrid, when you then select the Grid, the Preset LEDS do not remain Purple and Yellow but instead take on whatever colour the Particular preset has already been allocated; so for example in Preset 1A, the letter ‘A’ on the top left of the main screen is in LIGHT GREEN, and the LED on the row that you have chosen as the Preset row will change to exactly the same colour. And here is the problem; the LEDS on the row you have chosen as the Scene row are also EXACTLY the same colour too. So whenever you have the Preset/Scene selected that will light up LEDs immediately above and below each other it is now extremely easy to be confused as to which row is to change the Preset and which row is to change the Scene - with potentially disastrous results if you are performing live.

I expand on this in another thread - see here

The other thing that gets me (although this is not a 2.0 problem, as it existed before, but I hoped that Hybrid mode would provide a solution to this) is how easy it is when trying to change modes by pressing both the Tempo and Bank/Preset Down switches, to accidentally change preset instead of changing modes - again with potentially disastrous results. Does anyone else have this problem?


Hi, same here. Just upgraded to 2.0 and I really like Hybrid mode but it is a little restricted with just 4 of each.

A very good improvement that (I think) it’s by far easier to implement than all the ideas in this thread, would be to use a second tap on the same switch to access the same location in the other row.

For instance, if I have scenes at the bottom and stomps at the top, I could change to scene A if I double press the E switch. Or if I am already in scene E, then pressing that switch would toggle between scenes A and E. This could allow you to easily access the 8 scenes or 8 presets from just the 4 switches in hybrid mode.

It probably wouldn’t work with stomps (because pressing again toggles the stomp state, which is good and expected behaviour), but my suggestion in scenes and presets would be a great addition, with (again, I think) not too much redesign and reimplementation.

If someone else has suggested this in another thread please let me know to upvote that too.



that’s a very simple way of doing it too :+1:

Really missed kemper morph With toggle FS

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Kemper morph is the only thing I TRULY miss after switching to QC. There’s so many feature requests for a similar functionality here that it’s hard to believe that neural won’t implement something like it.

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great function

I think I opened something but it got merged with this one… so this would be the place to upvote the secondary features.