Block Menu; can you only assign a footswitch in Stomp Mode?

As I continue my journey with the QC I keep coming across things that leave me feeling a bit :face_with_monocle:; this time it’s the fact that when you are in the Block Menu page (ie you have the Block edit window open) and you want to assign a footswitch to that block, the only way to do it is to be in Stomp Mode already, or to cycle through the modes until you are - and this comes with a health warning, because as I’ve repeatedly found out to my cost, cycling through the modes can sometimes lead you to change Scene accidentally, or worse change Preset (depending which mode you’re in) if you hit the Preset/Bank Down button a split second earlier than the Tempo button. And of course if you change Preset by mistake, you then lose all the changes to the settings you’ve made (does the Undo button reverse this and keep the changes you’ve made?)

Either way, it seems like a major oversight that you can only assign a footswitch when in Stomp mode; if you are editing a block, is there any reason why the option to assign isn’t present in the other modes? Am I missing something here?

I don’t think you are missing anything. That is just an example of a terrible programming “feature”. One that should probably be fixed. Makes no sense. At least you can work around it by simply changing mode.

That’s what I thought, sadly. I know it’s an easy narrative to say that some people love to complain just for the sake of it - especially so soon after a ‘massive’ update like 2.0 landed - but to be clear I am trying to be objective and constructive here by raising these sort of issues. But I am genuinely surprised that this sort of thing hasn’t been noticed or addressed at this stage. Surely these would be easy ‘bugs’ to fix alongside the bigger stuff in a firmware update. In the post-honeymoon period with my QC my feelings about it are much more measured; I still think it sounds fantastic, but the frustrations of oversights like this temper the enjoyment I get out of it more and more (and I am starting to realise why the salesman in the shop I got mine from actually told me he’d sold his after a while - not a good advert for the QC)

As for the changing mode workaround even that seems laden with potential for error, so not at all a silver-bullet solution unfortunately; see my post here