Whatcha Gonna Capture?

Are you planning to just run other people’s captures or do you have anything that you want to capture?

My tube amps are long gone but I do have a GK 250-ML to share with the community. Whatcha got?

I plan to capture my friend’s Jubilee, then compare to his real thing, just so that he stops bashing on modelling


I don’t have any amps unfortunately - but I REALLY hope TopJimi can do a capture of the Caswell AFD JCM he used for the Kemper profiles.

So yeah, I’ll be reliant on other people’s captures…!

I will go with what others capture and start from there for the beginning. Since I’ve been using Kempers for some years I have only kept three old Amp jewels that have become more like furniture the last years.

I know QC will do captures but is there a Windows executable that can do this? If not, is one planned?

I plan to capture all 3 channels (a&b) for a total of 6 on my Hughes and Kettner Triamp Mark III. If it will a-b like the video, I’m going to sell it! Should be able to get around $3000 for it… which would mean my Quad Cortex makes me money right out of the gate!!!

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plan to share :slight_smile: ?
the capture, not the amp!

But ofcourse !!! Well… so long as it sounds convincing! I’m also going to profile my fender prosonic and sell it as well!!!

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I’ll probably try capturing my synth pedals: SY1, SY300. I have my doubts that it’ll work but the results could still be interesting.

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I have never used profiles before, not a Kemper user, but would be very interested to try it out.

I’ve always wanted to try some captures, but I’ve never owned a Kemper. The QC will be my intro into captures. Looking forward to them!!!

First amps on the list are Swart, Geloso, Philips, SG Systems and Magnatone.

Man, I’ve never heard of those :flushed:. Maybe I am conservative- but I am happy that new technology can easily make samples of rare amps (if they are - God I feel dumb) accessible to the world.

Or maybe I’m just very old.

Re your Magnatone I hope you’ll dial in some serious ZZ Top Sounds. Then all I’ll need is someone to tell me how to get the “Legs” synth sound out of my synth units.

Amongst my various guitars I have a Fodora. When used with my Mesa MkV I can get incredible headroom and some of the purest notes out of any guitar I’ve ever played.
This will be my first attempt of a capture. To me this will be the first value check for my Quad when it comes.

I got some of the DIYRE colours for eurorack like tape Reel to Reel Tape, Cassette Tape, and other color distortions I was going to throw up on Cortex Net for everyone.

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If capturing dirt pedals works out to be real good, I’ll be doing a lot of well-crafted tones using a mix of OD, boost, fuzz etc. Quite hyped to see if this works out.

I hope I can make accurate zoom 505 captures, I plan to sell them.

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I’m collecting bass preamps and drives and I plan to capture them for use live, EBS valve drive, MXR Bass DI+, Nordstrand Starlifter and some other that I’ll be getting
Also, I have a EHX Black Finger that Amos Williams used to use with Tesseract for “valve tone” and I also plan on capturing that.

I hope someone makes a Hellborg preamp capture to share (or sell)

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I would capture my Schertler Yellow Single Preamp. A nice one for acoustic stuff.