Whatcha Gonna Capture?

After reading the new factory capture list I would love to see two things there: A modified Triaxis for bass (As used by John Myung) and the Pierce preamp.
That said, I’m very excited for the Geddy preamp capture they announced.

I have an old harmony tube amp all original that I’m going to capture as well as a reel to reel tape machine, a heathkit fuzz/distortion. And will gladly share them with all.


definitely first up: my early 80s Mesa Boogie Mark II-B at 3 settings: Clean - Crunch - Lead
then some of my pedals: REVV G2 & G3 | Sinvertek DriveN5 | JHS Morning Glory | perhaps a couple others

capturing pedals… what’s the best way?.. through the Boogie head… or my Quilter ToneBlock? will try both… and for a speaker cab: Port City 1x12 OS with 12" Neo Creamback…

and this will be a community of tone junkies sharing our stash with the masses… :sunglasses:


Wait for the manual. My guess is, to capture a pedal only:

  1. Dial in a good sound with your pedal into your amp
  2. Connect the Capture Out (QC) to the pedal in
  3. Connect the pedal Out to the QC input
  4. Start capture

I don’t know if I’m right, but that would be the logical way to go.


There is really only 3 of my amps that I plan to Capture, sane ones I profiled for my live gigs, Mesa Boogie TC 50, a Friedmam and an old Fender Twin… And for fun I’ll Capture my Kemper profiles… :slight_smile:


Nice! I’m hoping to see a bunch of bass captures. I haven’t had a lot of experiences with micing amps, so I think I am going to start small first with bass preamps/DIs.

How is the Black Finger for bass? I often wondered if just getting an ART tube preamp would give similar results to the Black Finger.

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@D20 I like it a lot for use as a tube preamp honestly, I don’t really notice any relevant frequencies being lost and you get that slightly saturated tone everyone loves out of tube preamps.

My recording chain currently is a Starlifter for EQ into the Black Finger and that is my “DI”

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Super cool! Thanks for the info on it!
I forgot I’ll most likely try to capture my Atomic Bass Box DI also. Lately I have really been digging it.
I’m so excited to start making captures! Such an awesome time to be a musician!