What videos would you like to see?

We’re planning a whole bunch of Quad Cortex videos, but of course, we’d love to know what you’d like to see! Is there a particular feature that intrigues you, something you don’t understand, a sound you’d love to hear, or a creator you’d love to see make a video with it? Let us know!


This is a great initiative! It is so hard to wait when, after many years of searching, a project similar to a dream has appeared on the horizon :slight_smile: . Most of all I’m eager to see the various pages of the menu and settings, the buttons, checkboxes and all that’s all we can configure. And of course, show the whole team, we must know these heroes by sight :superhero:


I’d love to see the sounds improve! So far the demos have been massively sub par compared to Kemper or Axe FX. I know it sounds harsh, but I also think the gun was jumped a bit releasing the videos that have been released, cause the plug ins are SO incredibly good that I know eventually this device will be the best out of all of them. I just can’t wait to see some proof!

Maybe some videos of the improved sounds along with the stomp boxes and speed of patch/preset changes and the such? Maybe with different guitars like you do in the brilliant plug in demonstrations.

Also, a request, PLEASE model the old pre-peavey Budda Superdrive 80, it’s such a hard to find and expensive amp and I think a few people would be surprised by how awesome it is!

People already knows about your excisting plugin plini and nolly and omega, fortin plugins
I would like to see videos with demos of different genre not just metal, but blues, rock, pop with vintage amps.
Right now fractal FM3 demos shows videos about the different tone they can get by preset, i would like to see something like, artist tone options

  • video about a quad cortex pc software/Mac editor and Its features to quad cortex
    Import options: amps and effects and preset to quad cortex
  • mobil app feature tone/preset Bluetooth transfer technology
  • capture amp circuit how to
  • capure effect circuit how to
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QC can be used as a usb audio interface too right? I would really like to hear more specs on that. What kind of audio quality, latency, etc should we be expecting? I also can’t wait to get a better idea of the mobile app and it’s integration to the process of transfering rigs and what not. :blush:

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Everything. Video everything. In depth user interface, making captures of amps and pedals, running captures in signal chain, multiple instruments, anything everything you’ve got done - we wanna see it and hear it. Ideally this video should be at least 24-48 hours long :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m mostly interested in the audio quality of it all. How does a captured amp sound, how does it stack up to the Kemper. How do the amp models sound, how do they compare to others on the market (Helix, Axe FX, Kemper). That is the most important aspect to me and I believe a make it or break it factor.
Maybe show what’s done already or maybe in progress as well (if you feel comfortable with it.


I would not mind seeing one on the looper with fingers crossed it will be to other loopers what the Neural DSP is to other modelers or in other words the end all be all looper with reverse, unlimited undo, stacking and track bounce. A tall order but fingers crossed that if this could be implemented it will be in return it would be more than a dream machine for my purposes and then some. Rys

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Hi there, I’m a bassplayer and pretty exited about the quad cortex. So I would like to see (and hear) solid bass sounds in some different styles;

  • A fat p-bass with flats (motown, pop, funk)
  • Finger funkin’ jazzbass
  • plectrum sound with an overdrive edge
  • funky filtered sounds
  • fretless with reverb, chrous etc.

Also a good view on the user interface would be nice.


Martin Stegeman
The Netherlands

Hi everyone!! Here are my 2 cents:

  1. An in depth comparison with what’s already on the market ( AxeFx and Kemper mainly). Maybe accompanied with some artists thoughts about it, like Plini,Abasi and cie, since they have their beloved plugin with Neuraldsp and also use Axe-fx when playing live.

  2. I saw a lot of people really confused about the cpu. In the pc landscape if a quadcore is advertised as 2ghz it means all cores go to 2ghz not 0.5ghz.
    As a lot of people only swear by numbers, it would be key to showcase why a 4x 0.5ghz dedicated cpu can do more for you than a pc/mac loaded with min 4x 4.0plus ghz cpu with f.e. some Neuraldsp plugins.
    I personally know what the difference is but it seems most people where really confused about that.

Keep up the amazing work ! A lot of love from Spain!

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I’m interested in the options for live performances. How does the Quad Cortex works on the stage? Is it just useable on active monitoring with the FOH or is it possible to use it on a cab without the simulation option. I’m using two Plugins in my DAW right now on my cab with the Hotone Loudster. To be more specific I want to know if the quad cortex has a power amp function like the Kemper Profiler Poweramp? And I would like to see the workflow between the Cortex and Mac in depth.

Hard to answer since, according to yesterday’s newsletter, they haven’t finished writing the audio drivers. :slight_smile:

Oh, I might have been too excited about it and didn’t notice at all the sneaky little ”almost finished” in there. :sweat_smile::+1:t2:

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Perhaps mods to amps could be modelled, such as the Jose mod for the Marshall sims and I would like to see more metal tones than the typical tight clanky trend that’s happened recently so maybe a matamp model and some less common variations of fuzz pedals such as the fz2 or even a sunn amp model and pedals that stack well such as the hm2 or rat. Also, being able to toggle the tone stack for pedals would be really cool and so would being able to decide where you want the signal to split off in an amp/pedal so preamp blends in effects loops and other cool stuff is possible

To me it’s all about sound quality. If you can show examples of well known amps from clean to heavy that sound more authentic than your competitors I’m sold. Second would be ease of use to build a rig and how buttons can be used. Thanks!

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3 requests: lower gain amps, a comparison of delays and verbs to well-know stalwart effects boxes out there, and an example of Neural Capture in action with A/B comparison of real vs captured.

Amps: Everything that I have heard to date have been either hyper-clean, almost direct to the board type of sounds, or very saturated. I have pre-ordered and, so far, I am acting on faith that if you can model/capture your plug-ins of very complex saturated amps you can model/capture more classic designs well. So, even thought these may have been done to death by others…
a. A Deluxe/Twin/Super/or Princeton set to the edge of breakup sweet spot.
b. AC15/30 as Edge would set it and how Brian May would set it.
c. Matchless at the sweetspot
d. Pete Townsend tones from the Hiwatt
e. Stevie Ray Vaughn multi-amp tones
f. Plexi all on 10

Delay and Reverbs:
How do the verbs stack up against pedal board Big Boys Eventide and Strymon (I know there are other Big Boys, these are just the ones I have the most hands-on time with) in terms of:
a. Frequency clarity, especially when set to an “infinite” setting?
b. Depth, richness, and musicality?

Neural Capture:
Grab an old Supro/Gretsch/National amp and dial up a Jimmy Page Zepplin studio sound and Neural Capture that. (Is it allowed to use Neural Capture as a verb, yet?)

Thanks, can’t wait for the Quad Cortex to land on my door step! It looks like it will be amazing in a way that no other digital device has in my experience. I am looking forward to it like I would probably look forward to receiving a custom guitar from a highly skilled luthier.

As I honestly have no doubt the amps quality is going to be amazing, I would be really curious to hear some effects. Apparently reverbs are done and they’re lush, right? :stuck_out_tongue:
But more than anything I’d be interested in modulation effects and wah, cause I find those the hardest to do right, to make them sounds organic and alive.

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I also would like to see how inituative the user interface are on the quad cortex, how to make scene/snapshot,
how to manage preset.
Import preset/ir and Export options from excisting plugin on pc to quad cortex.
In fact i want to see all function on quad cortex :slight_smile:

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I would also like to see the Neural CNS software on PC and Mobile.

Really curious to see how all the “Archetypes” will be implemented to the QC and how will be accessed by the user. I mean apart from a straightforward chain is there going to be something like rig “archetype” presets available for all of us have purchased them already?

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