Dumble style Amps? New Owner…

Hi all

First post. QC arriving Friday, very exciting :slight_smile:

I am moving away from my Kemper. Sick of the klunky interface to do anything and the PC software being a total bug ridden dog…


I did have some pretty cool Dumble SSS and ODS profiles. Are there any such things for the QC? I see lots of posts where folks are putting them in a feature request but no actual captures. Third party paid for is fine (ore free!,) but I am not seeing any.

Any help much appreciated. Most of the stuff I have been playing in my cover band comes from either the SSS or ODS profile.

Thank you

You could capture your Dumble SSS and ODS profiles from your Kemper before you part with it. There are some Dumblesque captures on the cloud as well.

Hey @bluzdog thanks for the info. I haven’t looked at the cloud yet. I assumed I need the unit before I could register.
But capturing the Kemper profiles before I sell it sounds like a great idea. Have you done any capturing?
I live in an apartment and I have read that the process is very loud! Is there some way around that, that won’t change the nature of the captured sound? I was thinking of maybe getting Ox-Box?
Any advice would be great
Thank you

I’m not sure you do have to be a registered owner to get access to the cloud. Give it a try.

You can create an account and browse the cloud before your unit arrives. When you get it, sign it in to the account you created. I haven’t done any captures yet because I’m in the process of remodeling but I’m looking forward to it… If you have a load box you can capture amps quietly without a cabinet and then use a cabinet IR with it. It seems that is the preferred way to go anyway.

edit: Come to think of it, you can capture your Kemper amps silently without a load box.

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Hey. Thanks for the info. Yes you guys are right, I was able to sign up and browse the cloud without having the QC yet. (It’s due today).

Re capturing the Kemper, yes I guess it makes sense that it wouldn’t need a load box it is really just an amp in a pedal when it comes right down to it.

I have found a few videos on the net about capturing an amp but not found anywhere about capturing from a Kemper. Given the array of connections on the Kemper, wonders if anyone has done this and could share some advice?

I have loads of good profiles on the Kemper so I would be happy to share them on the cloud if I can get the workflow down.



Welcome! Fellow Kemper convert here.

I might be able to help as I captured some of my favorite Kemper profiles.

The way I did it was capture out to input (easy enough) and then Left XLR out to the appropriate In on the QC. Per an article I read, I left Instrument level at 0 and adjust the in level appropriately (~ -2-6dB for cleaner stuff, ~ -12 for high gain). Was pretty happy with the results. It took some trial an error, so just be patient.


and if you need any more info, you would use the exact procedure/setup as capturing a pedal (should be plenty of info/tutorials out there for that). The hookups and process are EXTREMELY simple and it’s surprisingly easy and accurate.

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Have also captured Kemper. Just connect up as per the usual QC method. Pretty straightforward, you’ll be fine

I have some Two Rock captures up. Not exactly Dumble but similar ballpark.

Might be a little dark depending on guitar but I find just lowering bass and increasing treble a little is enough when I use my hum-bucker guitars.


I could make you one, I got the Synergy Dumble unit, I don’t know how close it is to the real deal, I believe Fryette made this one, just let me know, it goes from clean to high gain, your choice.

Hey man that would be awesome thank you!
I am not trying to be a lazy arse :slight_smile:
Just that the QC arrived yesterday and so far feels amazing.
But I have gigs lined up and ‘that’ sound is a big part of what I use. And time is short.
SO if you could do a capture for me that would be awesome. I WILL get it hooked up to my Kemper in the next few days and capture some of the many, many profiles on it. And I will post them on the cloud. But to get me going a couple of captures, one clean, one edge of breakup would be awesome. If it is too much to do then just the clean will be perfect, I can always throw a Klon in front…

Thakns so much

Quick shout out to all you guys that have chimed in with help here. Thank you!
It feels like this is going to grow into a great community.

The QC arrived yesterday. I hooked it up this morning and just playing for 10 minutes on the first factory profile (Marshall 2203) it FEELS amazing. I know everyone raves about the Kemper feeling like a real amp, and to be fair it is pretty darn good. BUT the QC takes that to another level IMO.

Excited to see what else this baby can do!


here’s a bunch of resources you might find helpful:

Hold on Mark, i’m baking it, you know how to find it on the cloud, dang could not find my pass, but it should be there under Dutchtouch, see if you can find it and let me know plz., lead should be there, doing a clean and crunch now hold on.

Sry m8 I forgot about the whole procedure, but it’s there now, go to the cloud, it’s there for the whole world to see, Dutchtouch Dumble crunch, clean and lead under Neural captures.

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Hi there. Thank you so much for doing this so quickly. I have them loaded on my QC and first play through they sound great. Got a rehearsal tomorrow so will be using them and setting them up then.
I assume they are cab-less? (As you did them from a pedal).

As you seem to have got the capture process down to such a fine art I am hoping I can capture a good chunk of my Kemper profiles pretty quickly too.

I will upload them as soon as I have done some.

Thanks again.


They are captured with 2 mikes and cab, a Shure SM57 and Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon, cab is self made loaded with a UK Greenback, pre amp is a Synergy loaded with their Dumble module, power amp is a Victory V30 6L6 in class A, I will try to get the clean capture louder later as my clean captures tend to be soft most of the time, I have many amps and pre amps and I love capturing, trying to get the most out of it, glad it is of use for you and I feel honored…

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I spent an hour earlier today playing with your lead capture, I enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for making that.

Good to hear you did and thanks for your compliment.

Hey there @Dutchtouch , just wanted to say a huge thank you for your Dumble style captures. Did a rehearsal on Sunday and again today and used them loads throughout. Wonderful sounds. Thank you. It is amazing how the Dumble sound manages to fit in the mix with a band but cut through when you need it to.
I love the sound of Fender blackface amps on their own but in a mix you have to either have them very loud or tweak them a lot to cut through.
So these Dumble captures are super useful.
Many thanks again