Thomann delivery

Hello Folks,
i ordered mine on 26.12 since then i received 11 Mails with the “new delivery date”, my latest is now from Wednesday and says that my QC should arrive on 04.05.

I ordered this as an bundle on Thomann and the “Gigcase” has another delivery date as the QC. The “Gigcase” should arrive on 08.07.

At this time i am hoping that my qc will arrive soon (i wonder, because Thomann gave me the newer delivery date sometimes a week ago and not a day before the actual arrival).

I hope that everyone gets his Hands on this nice piece of tec asap.

With greetings from Germany

thomann’s order management has become scandalous and very opaque

And did someone received the quad cortex from Thomann today?

Nope. Nothing from where I stand

My last mail from Thomann (sent April 22nd) is saying June 10th, since then no updates. The web portal says 5-7 weeks. I had ordered on Feb 1th.

Maybe someone from Neural could give some first hand information, if and how many pcs have been sent to Thomann so far.

ordered 07.11.2020 (european date) und just got my shipping notification. Should be here tomorrow.

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Same for me. It‘s happening

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ordered 30.10.2020 - now on the way to me :yum:

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Ordered on Dec 23rd and also received shipping notification today. Very excited!

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Thomann just shipped my unit. I‘m so excited! :smiley: (Ordered on December 22nd)

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Also here that Thomann confirmed the shipment! (ordered 8 December). Very happy to receive that news.

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Veel plezier er mee…

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If i wouldn’t speak to Thomann there would be no Quad Cortex at this time for me, because ive ordered a bundle and then there’s the fact that all of the goods will ship together (since the Gigbag isnt available, there would 9-12 weeks longer). But yesterday i talked with someone from the customer service and now its on its way to me. Should arrive in the next 2 or 3 days. And I hope that everyone gets his QC in nice condition.

Attention: If you order a bundle at Thomann and theres the fact that all of the goods arent together available, please talk to the Customer Service for Partial delivery.

Great to hear that some shipments actually are starting.

For February orders the shipments seem to be further postponed now. Yesterday the web portal said 5-7 weeks, today it changed to 13-17 weeks (which means somewhen in August). I had ordered on Feb 1th.

That is frustrated. I thought that Neural could handle 100 a day but probably that is not the case. Unfortunatly.

Ordered 21.11.2020 with Thomann and received confirmation yesterday that the unit was shipped. It seems tomorrow could be my big day. I also just picked up a Fractal FM3 three days ago - may the contest begin ! :slight_smile:

Both will be running into my Yamaha DXR10 - Nexo technology in a Yamaha enclosure :slight_smile:

The date they show on their website is for new orders. You should rather refer to their emails or what a rep tells you. However, we‘ve all seen that with the QC you never know.

Hey robo - I didn’t mean the date on the product page, I mean the date they show in the personal order section (My Orders ->Details). This is your “personal” delivery date for your order (which they send also via Email from time to time). Currently the product page says “Available in several months”, in the order section for my order the delivery date is 13-17 weeks.

And my experience is that in case of QC also that figure doesn‘t tell much.

I just recieved an update from Thomann.
First they would deliver mid april, then they would deliver early june but now … 24/08/21

This is just ridicilous…

I was stupid enough to sell my Kemper when i recieved the first delivery date… now thinking of buying a Hx stomp