Schedule still on time?

No word on schedule for a long time and preorder shipments should start very soon. Is Everything on track as communicated?

You must have your hands full right now but I am sure I am not the only one waiting and eager to hear if the plans are holding.


I see from Anderton’s email to me that supplies now expected mid December…Still surprised to see no D stye amps and no Timmy Pedal !!

I can capture my Monster Pineland amp for SRV style dumble and timmy will prob come at some point too…

Some web demonstration of the unit was also postponed from today, so we have small hints that there might be further delays. Too bad I allready sold my helix stuff …

Hopefully NDSP chimes in and gives us an update.

Yesterday, Nov 11th, the status on my Neural account page changed. It now reads that my order has been “fulfilled”. I sent an email asking for clarification and got the following reply.

"Thank you for reaching out.

We haven’t sent any emails yet.

Pre-order units will be shipped by the end of November. You will receive an email two weeks before to confirm all the payment and shipment details."

Looks like things are starting to move forward.


I spoke to one of the support team last week and they also said to expect it for the end of November and they would take payment two weeks before so that should be now, possibly another delay by looks of it.

The Neural Blog on October 10th confirmed a delay to the Dealers into December, or even January, but confirmed their priority was to get the units out to the Tier 1 & 2 pre-order customers.
Reading from my Neural Account:
Under ‘My Order’ it now reads : Default Title: Fulfilled November 11, 2020.
Under the SKA: (that used to have a number) it now reads: QCPO
Under Shipping Address:(it used to show my address) it now reads “Fulfillment Status: Fulfilled”
Under ORDER STATUS: it reads : “Your Order is Complete”

Something changed as of November 11th.
Let’s hope it’s the start of the distribution.

Regarding the difference on your order status page, this is due to an administrative change where we had to mark pre-order payments as fulfilled for accounting purposes. You will notice that your order status page says “Quad Cortex Pre-Order” instead of “Quad Cortex”.

We just posted an announcement detailing the status of QC

So when does the new delay take us up to? January?


Thanks for the update. I appreciate it.


Thank you for the answer! i understand there a lot of surprises when developing a product from scratch. Even though the wait is painful I understand it is necessary but I personally would rather know what the situation is than speculate about it.

So thank you for the update!

Hi Dan
I asked this question on TGP but it’s better ask it here :
Hi Dan
re-> “Our production line has fully assembled all of the pre-order units in Helsinki. Raw material to fulfill dealer requirements is in stock and currently being processed as planned.”

Will “all” present and future dealer units continually be made in Helsinki ?
How will supply/demand factor in to scaling up production and where would that production be ?


I don’t think, they has builded a production line in Helsinki for only 2000 units.

The dealer requirements (I think) are the 3000 units over and above the Tier 1 & Tier 2 units.
Beyond that, … Doug had stated somewhere in the past that a supplier/builder for future units will be “or” is secured.
At least, that was my understanding at the time.