Thomann delivery

it said mid April for delivery before easter, now it says 12 Weeks ???
what is the Problem, i ordered in October 2020
does this product exist ??

I assume that statement (8-12 weeks) is for new orders, not pre-orders etc…

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I contacted Thomann this week and I am in batch 2 and the planning is that I will receive it on 29th of April hopefully. :slight_smile:
Btw I have ordered it on 22th of February.

So I think if you ordered it in October 2020 you will it mid April.

Isee now that if you will order it now you have to wait 8-10 weeks.
So if you want to be sure, just check the overview of your order, it will probably say 1-2 weeks.


is that a very young Sophia Vergara standing there with Jerry?

Teri Hatcher

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An hour ago, I’ve received an email stating that I’d be shifted to 29th April, too.

Before that it should have been 16th April.

I ordered on 19th December.

Same. :worried: I ordered on December 22nd.

Ordered on 17.02…
today e-mail informed about the new delivery date which is postponed from 16.04 to 27.05 !!!

I also received mail that the quad cortex is delayed until 27.05.2021! I am very disappointed but probably I will not be the only one.
I don’t know what the reason is but maybe Neural DSP can communicate why it is delayed again ?

The problem is people need to quit looking on the Thomann site and emails. Neural is still standing by next week or the following for retail units. This hasn’t changed in awhile. Realistically that buys most first batches shipping at the very end if the month or early May. It isn’t like they can turn them around the day they get them.

I think I understand that neural has sold more devices than it imagined. So the expected date for May 27th is most likely only hypothesized, and at this point the delivery date could be much further away…

Potentially correct, but not for Thomann. They got one of the most sophisticated logistics systems in Europe and stuff that arrives at their site is very likely to be shipped the next day.

I spoke with them several times now (cause I’m also waiting for other equipment) and it’s rather simple: They got no clue when the QC arrives. They simply rely on statements made by the manufacturer - what else would you do? So my guessing is, QC’s production isn’t quite there yet. Which is understandable given that everything containing microchips suffers from supply chain disruption.

Let’s have another coffee, then.

I didn’t want to wait for delivery anymore and got QC from ebay slightly more expensive but worth every penny anyway. Happy owner now :metal::sunglasses:

Hi Folks,
I already got a Quad Cortex. :slight_smile:
But for the next 6 month my job let me not enough time to have fun with my new Quad Cortex.
So I can offer to sell it (Germany and EU)
If somebody interested tell me.
Cheers Bernie

Hi @Bernie,
I might be interested for an offer (Germany), because I am still waiting for the Thomann batch, which is expected for 29th April.

Hi, no problem, please contcat me directly via
Cheers Bernie

Bad news received today from Thomann.
Shipping date delayed from May 27th to June 24th.

When dud you ordered?

i lost my believe in this product
when it started like this before i will get it
what about future updates , or service ?
seems this business gets to big for this company