I got an email from my rep yesterday. I should be in the next shipment! Not going to hold my breath though haha

I plan to use this mostly with a tube amp 4cm. lately I’ve been using my stomp live when I don’t feel like lugging the JVM around or 15 min loadouts. The rest of the time, my stomp serves as my backup plan in case of tube failure.

Can’t wait to put my amp in this box!!!

Wow, I ordered 3/16 so I guess it is getting close and/or forgotton as I have not heard anythingfrom rep so far.

I think you are probably at the front of the next shipment. I’ve also saw reports of shipments up to 3/15 but not later.

My rep just shot me a text instead of email, my bad. He said I should be in the next shipment and he would let me know. Wouldn’t hurt to call them .

No hurry here, It is going on my FRFR Powered El Whappo for use mostly with my Bass(s)
And with that cab’s versatility I can plug in whatever and it will be ok. This way the guitar rig does not get changed up until we see the QC grow a pair of Cajones.

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