When Will Inventory be available in the U.S


I’ve been researching the QC vs Ax FX , Helix , Kemper etc. I like the feature set, physical size and UI of the QC. When can I expect Sweetwater to have inventory? Thanks.


Hi @bluzdog and welcome to the community! Nobody knows for sure but Sweetwater has been averaging 4-5 months from time of purchase to receiving but you might want to chat with a sales rep to see what they say currently. Another alternative I see more and more is people ordering direct from Thomann UK and receiving within days of ordering. Good luck!

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Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply. I’m looking forward to aquiring a Quad Cortex.

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If it’s helpful we should be shipping more consistently to our dealers since we were able to resolve our part supply issue for the time being. Unfortunately, I can’t provide any information on when Sweetwater will get their next supply and what their waitlist looks like, but we’re hoping QC will be more readily available over the next few months.

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