Next update date

put your guesses on when the next update will be:

January 11 2021

february 8th would be my pick

I’m going for after January 18th during the NAMM week event


wow! it’s already that time again. that would make perfect sense.

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How about January 10th? One year to the day I put down my deposit.


I am guessing the 18th as well. But I am holding out hope that they ship tier one and two the week of the 11th, that way we could get our hands on them while they are showing it off at NAMM.


That would actually make a lot of sense from a marketing perspective

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I hope they will ship or announce shipping dates before my name comes up pn the FM3 list, that would put me in a bad spot. in dire need of digital solution that is portable, but would not like to compromise…

Ouch! LOL. As sharp as your comment is, there is no arguing it is a legit one!

I would 100% pick QC out of these two. It is just overall better package for my needs. I prematurely sold my digital gear just before delays were announced and need a digital solution. so if there is nothing firm in availability in a few weeks I need to take a temporary detour.

On the positive side I got the plini plugin and it is excellent!

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I do not intend to make a big negative post here but I cancelled my tier 2 order due to the lack of info in the updates and the continual delays. With no clear indication as to when the QC would be ready I ordered the FM3 and a few weeks later it’s arrived I’m delighted with it. I’m sure the QC will be great but I think I’ll buy one from a dealer in future when actually available. When I cancelled my order I received a refund from Neural within a few days and that was the end of it, the bass player in my band is doing the same as there really should be more clear info on the delays when deposits were paid so long ago. I am a fan of the Plini and Nolly plug-ins and look forward to playing the QC in future I just would expect a little better regarding updates on customer purchases. Peace

well said and very understandable feelings… I’ve pre-ordered with neither Sweetwater nor Neural DSP so I’m content to wait for Sweetwater to get their pre-orders fulfilled and have actual stock on hand… this also allows for possible updates from Neural DSP to have taken place by then.

looks like my guess of 1.11.21 is wrong. oh well. I think 1.18.21 makes a lot of sense.

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I’m sure my 18 prediction will also be wrong. However it could be before that since Doug has placed the release of the manual for this week