Soon (NDSP Teaser)

New plugin? Plugins on QC???


This is the typical campaign template for a new plugin, so i would expect that. That’s what pays the bills.

However; who knows how they’ll announce QC compatibility? Hate to get my hopes up, but they did say they’d announce something before the end of the year (which is RAPIDLY approaching)

Either way, we’ll know 4 days from now

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I really hope it’s not a modelling amp. I don’t want them to release more hardware until they at least deliver everything they promised for QC.


Unfortunatly, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a QC related announcement…
It’s been a long time I no longer trust any promises from NDSP (especially NOT deadline-related statements…)

I have my QC since 2 years now, and if the QC is nowadays much better than 2 years ago, it is still plagued with flaws, several of them beeing very basic stuff (like a nested-folder file system, a universal ‘favorites’ system , a multiple user template for blocks, decent MIDI , and so on….)

I don’t think we’ll see something ‘well before the end of year’ (NDSP words here) concerning the QC. They wouldn’t release something ‘big’ just before the holidays break…

Honestly, I no longer have any expectations from them, and each time I receive a plugin-related email, it goes direct to the trash without reading it.

After the 2.0 release last year, I genuinely believed they would respect their promises about faster release cycle (the famous “Agressive updates”) , but in fact they did the opposite !

This is so frustating to see such a waste of potential because of poor product management, unrealistic promises from the marketing side, and cahotic customer relationship communication…


I also wouldn’t hold my breath. “End of the year” for NDSP usually means May the next year.

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What announcement / news are you referring to?

not sure about the ‘well before the end of the year’ part, but they did say (In early August): "Plugin compatibility is also progressing well. We will be releasing compatible plugins in batches, and the first batch of plugins will be announced later this year."

This one :

“Cortex Control is in a very good state. We hope to release a public beta version in the coming months and launch well before the end of the year.”

They did that. The beta of Cortex Control has been out for quite some time now.


Cortex Control is still in Beta (and not very stable, it crashes often)
“Launch” refers to the “Non-Beta” (a.k.a General Public Release) and v1.0 “stable” release. (at least everywere else but NDSP ….)

The v1.0 is probably not too far away (as well as the first wave of Plugins for QC) , but it is still not there , and we still have no news about the ‘first wave’ of QC compatible plugins… (technically, there’s still a few days before the end of year, but I highly doubt that we’ll see anything concrete this year…)

Maybe January 2024 will be a good month, may be… :man_shrugging:

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Anybody want to buy a QC?

I share a lot of your frustration. I think, and I guess you think so too, that the QC right now is pretty much where it should have been at launch. So everything is set back about 2 years.
However, they wrote: "We hope to release a public beta version in the coming months and launch well before the end of the year.”
That is clearly an estimation. Not a promise or a deadline.

Wait… wait… wait a bit longer! :sweat_smile:

This suggests to me that it’s a N DSP amp head (which can run plug-ins and maybe connect to the QC) and Flat Response speaker cab:-(

It’s another Archetype suite. They release these teaser videos with each new plug-in.

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Would be sweet if they announced a new plug-in and that it was an “X” version, QC compatable straight away - and…free to all QC early adopters.

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I can’t remember if Plini X came with a teaser video- I’m thinking it didn’t? Since technically it is an update of a pre-existing Plug. Anyone remember?

I don’t care if plugins ever come to the QC. I want more midi control and better/more effects.


Very unlikely, as they already said that Plini X will be the first plugin to be ported to the QC.

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there will likely be a thing like kuassa and mercurial, all in one plugins that swaps GUIs and IRs., at least it will share the pitch-transpose