Mysterious NDSP email


Anyone else receive this cryptic email from Neural? It looks like the silhouette of an amp. Maybe it’s another plugin pack. It reminds me of the trailers from the first Alien movie, “in space, no one can hear your guitar scream”. Sorry, I’m dating myself. :grin:

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Yes, I did too. I think it means that Plug-ins will soon be a reality, At least that’s what I’m hoping.

I’d be more excited if they actually implemented their plugins in the QC.


It’s the “normal” announcement of a new plugin to be released, not QC-related (at least it was never in the past).

Yes, most likely right. I mean it even links to the plugins page.

And that’s what I definitely need - another plugin. :wink:

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It’s just another plug-in. They hype up all of their plug-in releases the same way. 100% chance it’s not related to QC.

I haven’t been on their email list long enough to have seen previous product teasers. Whatever it is, I guess we’ll find out “Soon”.

Yeah, I don’t care about computer plug-ins. I don’t record anymore. I’d much rather have them available in the QC although I don’t know if they’d sound any better than what’s already in there.

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It looks a little like one of the variations of the Mesa Boogie Mark II B/C+, but something about it doesn’t quite fit… All I can think of though.

Yes, I got this too and had no idea what it was about. I must admit that my first thought was when they say “SOON” what does that mean? :wink:

Like Luke said, this is the typical way that NDSP starts hype and excitement for all of their plugin launches, since at least 2020 if not earlier.

Yes I did! I sure hope it’s the plug-in stuff, as I would hate to be buying a newer version QC! And yes, I would even though I just bought mine a few months back! lol

For sure another tool for metal users :disappointed_relieved:
while basically ALL Quad Cortex users wait months for promised implementations like the Desktop Editor for example…
We’ll see what developers are prioritizing…


It looks like a cologne ad, but it’s probably just another new plugin. It’s no wonder that the QC app, archetype implementation and so on are so late, when new plugins appear every 3 months.

Whatever it is, guess we’ll find out tomorrow. Received this today.


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P r i o r i t i e s. :frowning:

I went on NDSP’s website out of curiosity and I saw it appears to be a Mesa Mark IIC+ plugin suite. Looks like they’re still working on deploying the page cuz when I click on the link it takes me to a 404 not found. Very interesting!

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Support says they are working on fixing 404 ‘not found’ thing

Well it looks like we now have plugins on the QC!

The iiC+ is on both now :man_shrugging::wink:


Yeah I’ll just go ahead and pat myself on the back for this one. :slight_smile: