Neural Marketing their Plugins

I keep getting emails from Neural about the plugins…I DO love my QC but PLEASE!!! Make the plugins FUNCTION WITH the QC WITHOUT needing to do all the work-arounds…THEN I’ll buy them!!!


100% TRUE … I have purchased 4 of their plugins and I want to be able to integrate them in the QC. I’m waiting more than one year since I have purchased QC because I want to see their initial promises to
became true and reality and just make possible to use their plugins with QC … nothing , 100% no progress … we see a lot of new plugins releases, but QC does not move even a half step further.

Before to jump to buy QC I was very impressed by the plugins, how they sound and feel in the fingers , so I decided to buy QC expecting that this is the main purpose of this device (a hardware device to keep plugins alive there, on it, without using laptop).
More than two years we are still waiting this to be happen. We saw a lot of new plugins released, and I’m pretty sure their focus is to gain money based on the plugins development instead to develop the QC … I’m very disappointed … I spent money on a hardware which does not covers all their promises.

The QC sounds good , maybe one of the best sounds from hardware device 100% sure, but the plugins sounds way better to me … and here is the second problem, no one from NDS cannot explain does the plugins will sound as good as with a good external sound card (24bits/96Khz) , once they will be ported in CQ … ( maybe in 2023) … I really think to sell QC qs they stopped producing all regular updates no matter that the promised to do regular updates (very aggressive based on their web site QC FAQ). Anyway, it is clear to me that the plugins will not be ported soon, also it is clear that if you buy QC this does not relate to the plugins at all , no matter that this is the same company. I expected that if you buy their QC you will have some kind of discount in case you want buy plugins separately.
The main idea is to feed with more plugins and to leave the QC as it is … so no development here … I really hope that I’m not right with this state, but still I don’t see any indications from NDSP , just have a look on all QC related pages in their web site. Still old news and info ( which is not correct to me, as more than two years already most the of features still market with tags like “SOON” or “just after the official lunch” … and currently more than two years later … still no updates or news or development progress … I really hope that I’m wrong here … really really hope …
Sorry for my negative post, I really want to be more positive , but cannot find any reason to be , based on the official QC updates and info that is not provided for more than few months already … even one word about the CQ development progress and roadmap …
As I said , I really hope that the NDSP team will prove that I’m not right , as I like the company and that’s way I decided to trust them and to invest a lot of money in their products.


You are not alone in the sentiment MNV. There are many here that love our QC. But are tired of waiting on promises that were given months, years ago.

Locking this thread, this is being discussed already in another thread with an update from Doug.


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