Scene Mode in 1.3.2

Scene mode now doesnt work I cannot get it to save any settings … Old ones that I have made are ok but I cannot make any new scenes …Doh or is it me …

Just updated to 1.3.2, no issues saving new Scenes.

I am. Can change amp settings by scene on patches that were existing before the update, but tried to make a new preset and cannot change amp settings in one scene without them being changed in another.

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Who ever came up with this new scene mode must be drunk. I honestly question the sanity. Of all the things that could have been worked on this hard, these changes was the consensus? It was almost perfect the way it was. All you had to do was make the press and hold function for changing all scenes and left it the way it was.

Changes are almost always going to be per scene. That should be the default. Pressing and holding the button should be for global preset changes. Which I almost never do.

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I disagree. With the old way to build scenes I often found myself changing scenes when I wanted to change something globally in a preset. For me, the new way is more intuitive and easy to use. Comes down to personal perference - maybe a setting to switch between the two would be nice.


JUST NOTICED this new bypass mode …Why …what was wrong with the old system as that worked for me …Anyway got it to work …I will stick with it although I keep getting temped back to the FM3 …

Hi can’t seem to have different blocks bypassed or active in scenes anymore. If I by-pass in scene A and try to make active in Scene B, whatever that last setting is set globally in the preset. Anyone else seeing this?
CorOs: 1.3.2

oh crap. just realised how this works now. OMG. so every single block has just added at least 3 steps when I want to assign to scenes. This is a terrible user experience!


How exactly? If I want to bypass a block for a scene I switch to that scene (like before) and double-tap the block → Done.
Before your had to switch to the scene, click on the block and select the bypass button there. Thats one step less in the new experience.

When I want to change a parameter by scene I switch to the scene, click the block, hold the regarding parameter and then dial it in. Agreed, thats one step more than before but for me personally that feels much more intuitive and I found myself accidentially changing scenes before when I wanted to edit the preset itself.

So in which case do you have 3 additional steps per block?


go to a different scene and you’ll see the block doesn’t change

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Oh I see. I tried this only with my existing presets where the bypass setting was already assigned to scenes. In a new preset I saw what you mean.

I still like the new way better but some way to assign all block bypasses to scene would be nice

I love the new scenes mode. I think it works so much better. Adjusting a parameter is now global by default and can be targetted to a specific scene by long pressing. This seems much more natural to me than every parameter adjustment defaulting to the current scene and having to do a bunch of other steps to make it global to the preset (i.e always having to go into stomp/preset mode and back)


I love the double tap and I love the ability to have global parameters. What I don’t love is that the block is active or by-passed globally by default given most blocks would be switched for different scenes. Which means that for one of my average presets with 22 Blocks, 17 of them that are switched on or off between scenes, this is a lot of effort to now go into every single block, push and hold the bypass button for a few seconds so I can then push AGAIN to actually by pass. If you’re going to make a global change to a user interface that enhances the experience e.g. the double-tap to bypass then awesome but if it’s going to change the experience to create work then that’s bad. I should have defaulted to not global so that the existing experience remained and the new ability to make global enhanced rather than replaced the user experience. CX 101. Customer Experience Management, CXM, call it what you will, really wasn’t well implemented in this case.

I was confused at first how from the changes in scene mode, but now that I figured it out it is 1000% better than before. I used to have to toggle back to stomp mode constantly to change global stuff. Thank you Neural!!!

Does the new scene mode also means that for example if tiu are in scene mode and you have delay on, chorus on and you switch to stomp mode and you activate in stomp mode your reverb and you switch back to prvious scene midw, the reverb will be off again? Or will it stay on?

Yeah I didn’t understand it at first, and can now see the benefits. It’ll take a minute to relearn how to do things but in general, I think it’s a good idea…thanks to @nico2440443 for the explanation above…somehow that made a lot more sense to me.

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Then problably this new scene mode is a prepartion for Hybrid Mode which is hopefully coming in next firmware release

@Gabsbiz I get what you’re saying but you’re very likely in the minority and more of an edge case. I doubt many people have an ‘average’ preset containing 22 blocks in which 17 are going on and off with scenes. When I do make a preset that large I usually either start from my template which already contains a ton of blocks that I can delete or bypass (much easier with double tap now) or copy from another similar preset. The block bypass on/off stays with the block even if you change what effect is in there or even the overall type i.e amp to capture so if you have a template where every block is defaulted to be controlled by scenes you never have to do it again, just copy it and then use the double click to bypass or enable what you want or dont want for the scenes and save it.

@dws2384 the double tap bypass option only works “properly” on a block added to a preset prior to the update.

If you add a block or create a preset and add blocks to a preset after the update, the double tap will bypass the block globally in the preset. All scenes will be bypassed. There is no valid use-case to add a block then by-pass it globally in a preset. You just wouldn’t add the block if you wanted to by pass it globally. If this is not a bug I don’t know what is.

Yes there are work arounds, but there shouldn’t have to be.

I’d wager the test team didn’t create a new block to test this functionality or they would have fixed it.

I don’t believe it’s an edge case to expect that a new block added will be used. And that the double tap will bypass for the scene. That should be the default experience. It’s completely absurd to purposefully make a new function to simplify bypassing using a double tap and then say oh but this will work globally. I’m not going to add a block and bypass it globally, that’s nonsense.

@GabsBiz Yeah? Well, you know, that’s just like uh, your opinion, man…

I don’t find it strange at all, to each their own, and I suppose that’s the fun in trying to design a UI that pleases everyone all at once. Your damned if you do, damned if you don’t. (I do it as a full time job)

How are you finding the QC besides that? Seems like it would be a dream device for someone building complex signal chains like that? You’d be River dancing on a real pedal board trying to manage that. I love it but sometimes I need hold myself back from the options and just play….lol. Analysis paralysis…

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