Block Configs not Changing Between Scenes

Hi. This only happens in some of my presets and not others. So maybe I’m missing something here:

Example: I’ve pressed and held the Mix and Repeats parameters on the Digital Delay Stereo block on a straight Line 1 preset so that the block will be changeable between Scenes. Actually: all the parameters of the delay are in this state, including the Disable function. But when I make changes to any parameters in the new scene, they change on all other scenes using that delay, as well.

I’ve had a similar problem with gain on an amp in another preset…but the delay problem is popping up more often.

Thanks in advance.

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The parameters are definitely showing the ABCD icon for scene assignment?

Yes. I’ll make a video when I’m home later.

Did you resolve this? I’m having the same issue so keen to hear about possible solutions

most likely (if it’s not a bug) it’s the new Scene Bypass State Behavior under Device Options in the main settings. It can prevent changes from being saved when you’re in scene mode typing on the screen. I’ve set mine to the 2nd option and everything seems to work like I expect it to (like it used to)