Rubber feet for quad cortex

Has anyone had luck with rubber feet for the quad cortex?
I had some 3M brand lying around which worked great at first, but the unit gets a bit hot so they slid around. Ended up having to take them off. They were pretty small. Probably 0.5" squares. I got some larger ones but am afraid to try because the heat.

I installed four 1" thick rubber feet to the bottom of mine because my pedal board is solid wood Gator and I wanted airflow to get into the bottom venting on the QC. The rubber feet are the type usually sold for the feet on PA speakers. I had a failed attempt bonding to the QC my first run. The adhesive let loose of the rubber feet in a few days. I have since found that DAP brand “Rapidfuse” fast curing all purpose glue works successfully bonding the rubber to the QC. I prepped the QC and rubber feet with rubbing alcohol first. I use pedal board velcro on the bottom of the feet to cling to the pedal board. I recommend as it worked perfectly for me. I have a Fluke Handheld temp gun and I only have seen 95 degrees F to be my highest temp (taken at the power button area).

I used the ones that came with the QC. Works okay so far.

Thanks for the info. I’m hoping I can find someone who has had success with an off the shelf all in one product. That being said, I wrote down DAB Rapidfuse and will try it if I can’t find anything.

Your QC came with rubber feet? I’m fairly certain mine did not. How big are they and was there a manufacture/product number indicated?
Ordered my QC in Feb 2022, received it in June 2022. When did you get yours?

Yep, it did (ca. 1.8x1.8cm). Got it in August 2022.

Everyone received rubber feat, OEM PS and a guitar pick.

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And must not forget: STICKERS!!!

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When I moved from using QC on floor to wooden desk I thought I need to get rubber feet to stop it sliding or scratching my desk. Checked the box and there was 4 sticky feet. They work a treat!


I felt they were not tall enough to provide the air flow I wanted for the bottom. In a few minutes I will post my setup. TO include an ideal power supply solution :wink: standby.

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Really? Wow, I must have misplaced them. And the guitar pick! :frowning:
I used a 3M set that came with another pedal I had from the past.
Like I said, once the unit warmed up they slide around and I eventually had to take them off.
I guess I’ll just try some larger ones, and failing that I’ll try the adhesive Gig4Fun suggested
Thanks for the feedback

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Where is the setup? :joy:

My QC Pedalboard & power supply solution - Community - Neural DSP

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