QC Adaptor quality

I have the feeling that the AC power adaptor that comes with the device doesn’t seem to be of a great quality.
Looks like the cable will come apart eventually. Anyone else agrees?

Yes, but it’s just a 12V 3 amp supply. You can really use any decent replacement, as long as you make sure the polarity is correct and it has the proper specs. Lots of people also use a CIOKS type if it’s on a pedalboard

I know I can replace it, I’m just saying that you shouldn’t have to pay for a better quality power adaptor when we’re talking about a device of this kind.

The OEM PS is not as robust as a laptop PS but it does work perfectly fine and there are multiple replacements available for powering QC and other pedals at the same time if needed. I purchased a replacement just to have it handy for whatever reason and I bought the Globtek PS from Digi-key for less than $24 shipped. Lots of options available for 12v 3a PS.

I know I can buy another one. The thing is that given the price tag of a QC unit, it should come with a matching quality power adaptor


I have to agree. This is one of my few complaints about the QC. I hate these types of power adapters. And there’s no ground? Here’s what I replaced mine with:

I’ve heard there are other better options but this one works well for me.

Any options for Europe?

Harley Benton is not really the brand I would put my faith into. Have seen too many of their products fail within a short time.

The original power supply from Neural DSP is absolute junk. The one from Harley Benton is a real luxury. I have no issues with Harley Benton products.

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I totally agree with you on the original one. Harley Benton is known for having issues however. This is no wonder given the price and I don’t wanna make them bad. It’s just obvious that if you pay less the product will be more likely to have some flaws, generally speaking. And a bad power supply can cause damage to the unit. Wish you the best though!

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