Cortex Pedalboard Cooling Slot Questions

Long title, I know:)

I was just wondering something. I was planning on using a Swan flight case style pedal board I have to set up the Cortex for live use with a power stage 170 and a couple of expression pedals, as I want to keep it protected.

This board has a solid base that you use velcro to attach pedals to, so unlike a Pedal Train, for example, which has bars.

I was about to attach the Cortex when I realised the cooling slots on the bottom of the device. I’ve noticed the unit gets pretty warm just while using it on a desk, so am now concerned about the possibly of overheating if using it attached to this style of pedalboard as it will stop airflow to the cooling slots on the bottom of the QC.

Anyone else using this type of board, or noticed any issues of over heating?

I would not cover the cooling slots. Since this unit runs on processors I would want all the cooling slots completely unobstructed.There are slots on both sides and underneath. I allowed at least an inch on both sides and my pedal board does not cover the bottom slots.

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Yea, I completely agree with what you’re saying there. I’ll have to get a new pedalboard then if considering using this unit live. Another issue stacking up against the Cortex vs the Kemper. Why on earth add cooling slots underneath a unit which is going to be used on a desk or pedal board, many of which will result in covering them up?

Add a small pedal board like I did. I don’t see this as a negative to anything.

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FWIW, I run my QC on the floor. On a carpet, actually.

I wondered about the bottom vent, so I experimented. I measured case and screen temps after several power-on hours both on the floor and raised to allow airflow on the base. There was no discernible difference.

This looks great. Whats the board and power supply you’re using there for the QC? I’m looking at doing something similar, but also want room for a Line 6 G10S, a Powerstage 170, and a loop pedal.

See this thread where I give a list

Cool, thx a bunch